14 Most Romantic Garden Arbors

These alluring arbors are a beautiful way to enrich your garden.

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Summer Classics

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Re-posed/Garden Age Supply

Photo By: Photo courtesy of ASLA/Matthew Millman Photography

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Frontgate

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Photo By: Photo courtesy of Kinsman Company

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Minuteman International/ACHLA Designs

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Madison-Morgan Cultural Center

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Garden Iron & More 

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Minuteman International/ACHLA Designs

Luscious Look

This romantic arbor soars high, with a bench from Summer Classics' Somerset collection, plus frolicking cats, underneath.

Fantastic Focal Point

This amazing teakwood arbor and bench is made by Garden Age Supply, which uses reclaimed and repurposed materials from Indonesia for its handcrafted items. The 7-foot tall arbor is called Hong's Temple.

Country Residence

In Napa Valley, Calif., an arbor rises among massed grasses including Sesleria autumnalis, Festuca mairei, Pennisetum ‘Red Bunny Tails’, P. ‘Fairy Tails’ and Panicum virgatum ‘Heavy Metal.' Scott Lewis Landscape Architecture's design of the vineyard retreat won a 2014 American Society of Landscape Architects award.

Sensational Splurge

This arbor can bring on the warm fuzzies, especially if you're a parent. It's a joyful and lovely celebration of childhood, one that may make you want to embrace the nearest little one. The Jump Rope Arbor Sculpture is a 9-foot-high limited edition bronze sculpture, priced at $13,900 by Frontgate.

Lakefront Welcome

It would be a delight to pass through this arbor, which serves as a handsome entryway to the home on Jackson Lake in Georgia.

Big Border

This lush arbor serves as a boundary between a pool and lawn, framing the furniture.

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

A swing is nestled underneath an arbor in a peaceful section of an Atlanta garden.

Center of It All

We're over the moon for this arch, which serves as an attractive passageway through a garden. The Moon Gate Arch is inspired by Chinese architecture and stands 84 inches tall at the center point.

Sweet Spot

This lovely area features an arbor with an arched top and gate. Extra touches include the arch details on the side panels. 

Dramatic Point

For this floral focal point, the Ogee Garden Arch is simple yet elegant in its design. The metal garden arch, which curves as it reaches the top, is by Harrod Horticultural.

Graceful Design

The tiara-like top of this arbor gives it a royal feel. The Chippendale Arbor, by ACHLA Designs, is made of hand-forged wrought iron, which is twisted on the side panels. To give it the princess-worthy treatment, place it around a garden bench and accent it with window boxes.

Southern Setting

Vines climb through the wrought iron fence and arbor in the garden of a home in Madison, Ga.

Rustic Trellis

Styles vary for arbors, and for a rustic effect, an option is using a wrought iron arbor. The trellis pattern of this arbor extends from top to bottom, ready for a vine to grow up its sides.

Elegant Entry Point

Scrolling lines add a sweet aesthetic to this Tulieries Arbor. The arching arbor is made by ACHLA Designs.

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