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14 Most Romantic Garden Arbors

These alluring arbors are a beautiful way to enrich your garden.
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Photo: Photo courtesy of Summer Classics

Luscious Look

This romantic arbor soars high, with a bench from Summer Classics' Somerset collection, plus frolicking cats, underneath.

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Photo: Photo courtesy of Re-posed/Garden Age Supply

Fantastic Focal Point

This amazing teakwood arbor and bench is made by Garden Age Supply, which uses reclaimed and repurposed materials from Indonesia for its handcrafted items. The 7-foot tall arbor is called Hong's Temple.

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Photo: Photo courtesy of ASLA/Matthew Millman Photography

Country Residence

In Napa Valley, Calif., an arbor rises among massed grasses including Sesleria autumnalis, Festuca mairei, Pennisetum ‘Red Bunny Tails’, P. ‘Fairy Tails’ and Panicum virgatum ‘Heavy Metal.' Scott Lewis Landscape Architecture's design of the vineyard retreat won a 2014 American Society of Landscape Architects award.

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Photo: Photo courtesy of Frontgate

Sensational Splurge

This arbor can bring on the warm fuzzies, especially if you're a parent. It's a joyful and lovely celebration of childhood, one that may make you want to embrace the nearest little one. The Jump Rope Arbor Sculpture is a 9-foot-high limited edition bronze sculpture, priced at $13,900 by Frontgate.

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