Tour London's Gorgeous Garden Museum

Tucked into a quiet section of this buzzy city, The Garden Museum features a sublime knot garden and gorgeous perennials tucked into the grounds of a restored church.

A knot garden is the centerpiece of this city Garden Museum established in 1980. The former church, the St. Mary-at-Lambeth, houses the tombs of renowned plant hunters John Tradescant the Elder and Younger. The Garden Museum's horticultural consultant, Matt Collins, helped identify the lovely blooms at this London garden destination.

New Discoveries

The Garden Museum's Knot Garden is planted with species discovered by the Tradescants including scarlet runner beans, red maple and tulip trees.

Peony Power

A ruby peony is striking against a green background at London's Garden Museum.

Container Garden

Festive containers ornament a section of the Garden Museum.

Tranquil Respite

A shaded bench provides a lovely rest stop on a garden tour.

Way With Words

The lovely British way with words is seen in signage for the garden's work space.

Church of Plants

Open to the public, the Garden Museum is housed in a 17th century church, the St. Mary-at-Lambeth.

Teaching Moment

A charming chalkboard display details the Garden Museum's rainwater collection system.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

The pretty wood-frame greenhouse at the Garden Museum.

Simply Succulents

A quartet of succulents in a simple terra cotta pot are given a nice finish with a layer of pea gravel.

Geranium macrorrhizum 'Album'

Delicate Geranium macrorrhizum 'Album' graces the Garden Museum garden.

Cavorting Cherubs

Delightful decorative flourishes abound at London's Garden Museum.

Scilla Peruviana

Scilla peruviana, also known as Peruvian lily, shines bright at the Garden Museum.

Welsh Poppy

Welsh poppy (Meconopsis cambrica) at London's Garden Museum.

Red Valerian

Centranthus ruber syn. Valeriana 'Coccinea’ Red Valerian adds cheery color to the Garden Museum knot garden.


 Border pink - Dianthus sp. adds a delicious blast of color to the perennial garden at London's Garden Museum.

Gladiolus Byzantinus

Gladiolus byzantinus adds a lovely, lilting shape to the Garden Museum garden.

Corkscrew Topiary

A corkscrew topiary is a whimsical contrast to the London skyscrapers in the distance.

Mosaic Man

A verdant mosaic ornaments the wall at London's Garden Museum.

Cool Container

A bevy of beautiful containers ornament the Garden Museum grounds.

Moss Man

A fine layer of moss makes an already beautiful stone carving even more lovely.

Pretty Posies

A sweet, delicate arrangement featuring flowers from the Garden Museum perennial garden graces tables at the on-site cafe.

Classic Tools

Rustic, vintage garden tools ornament the walls at London's Garden Museum.

Garden Trolley

A charming garden cart filled with plants greets visitors to London's Garden Museum.

DIY Trellis

The British excel at creating homemade trellises as beautiful as they are handy.

Bustling London

Busy London traffic flies by just beyond the border of the incredibly tranquil Garden Museum, a welcome respite from the city buzz.

Allium Explosion

Beautiful allium is beloved by British gardeners and adds great vertical interest in the garden.

Bicycle Stand

A bicycle stand at the Garden Museum does double-duty as a planter.

Towering Topiary

Twin topiaries define the perimeter of the Garden Museum.

Elegant Entrance

The front garden and entrance to the Garden Museum beckon visitors inside.

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