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Fabulous Front-Yard Decks and Patios

Creating an inviting outdoor living space in the front yard is best way to meet neighbors. Designer John Gidding, host of Curb Appeal: The Block, has given the exteriors of these homes appealing makeovers.
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Before: Well Maintained But Unattractive

Kit and Danny both work and spend all their remaining waking hours dedicating their time to local schools, their kids' PTA, social activities and volunteering in the community. Their house is the first thing you see when you enter the subdivision. They're aware they're bringing down the block and want desperately to do their part to make the entrance to the neighborhood beautiful.

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After: Welcome to the Neighborhood

The tiny front porch and narrow, steep stairs are gone. Designer John Gidding designed and built an extended deck across the front of the house.

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Before: Very Narrow Porch

This tiny sliver of porch is the only official outdoor living space at Kit and Danny's house.

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After: Plenty of Outdoor Living

The new deck includes multiple "rooms" that allow for plenty of space for relaxing and entertaining. Kit and Danny say the new deck has enabled them to get to know their neighbors better.

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