45 Outdoor Shower Ideas

Clean up outside with our favorite outdoor shower ideas and outdoor tubs.

June 12, 2020
By: Leslie Judson and Liz Gray

Photo By: Tamara Alvarez, Landscape Architects: Landwise Design & Craig Reynolds Landscape Architecture

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Photo By: Matt Sartain Photography

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Photo By: Tamara Alvarez

Photo By: Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers, a member of Luxury Portfolio International

Photo By: Living Green Design ©Living Green Design - Outdoor Tillandsia Vertical Shower Wall

Simple and Modern

This stacked wood shower brings style and function to the typically utilitarian outdoor bathing area.

Mahogany Outdoor Shower

Juxtaposed against cedar shake, this rich mahogany shower looks posh, but it's also practical and multi-functional.

Tropical Outdoor Shower

Step off the beach and under this outdoor shower. Tropical plants are all the screen that's needed.

A Place to Relax

While outdoor showers are mostly about function, open-air tubs are pure luxury. Designer Jamie Durie set this bath in a private corner of the backyard amidst lush plantings to allow the homeowner to lay back and enjoy the view.

Bamboo Beauty

Trade typical plumbing for natural materials like bamboo and stone to create an organic shower that looks right at home in the backyard.

In the Mood for Blue

Step inside this blue tile shower for a quick rinse after a dip in the pool.

Bold Look

Existing natural elements in a landscape lend themselves to an exciting shower experience in this design by Paul Wrona.

Natural Awakenings

Get back to nature by attaching a showerhead and knobs to an organic support. The palm trees set around this shower provide privacy and awaken the senses.

Outdoor Shower

An outdoor shower made from copper pipe and fittings provides a place to rinse off beach sand.
From: Bosworth Hoedemaker

Top of the World

This rooftop shower features a wooden enclosure for maximum privacy from prying neighbors. The soothing rainhead shower is connected to a tankless water heater for warm showers year-round.

Stylish Features

This outdoor shower is decked out with high-end fixtures and a beautiful backsplash. Showering outdoors has never been this stylish.

Room for Two

There's no need for bells and whistles in this shower stall. All it needs is two shower hooks.

A Taste of the Outdoors

This indoor-outdoor tub room features a floating tub, fresh succulents and soothing water features. A surrounding privacy wall ensures bath time is tranquil and completely relaxing.

Rainforest Retreat

An entire area of this homeowner's yard is set aside for a steamy outdoor shower in this rainforest-themed enclosure.

The Best of Both Worlds

Just imagine you could bathe outdoors surrounded by a natural stone wall, then step just three feet into a private bathroom outfitted with a freestanding tub and double vanity. Now that's the perfect bathroom. Photo courtesy of Slifer Designs

Poolside Refresher

These sleek, standalone showers provide a quick head-to-toe rinse before hopping in the pool for a late-night swim. Photo courtesy of Jaclo

Spa-Like Experience

As soon as the sun goes down, LED ribbon light illuminates the shower floor made from a combination of jellybean glass pebbles and epoxy.

Build an Outdoor Shower

Whether spending a day at the beach, exploring the forest or working in the garden, outdoor living gets dirty pretty fast. Instead of tracking the outdoors into the house at the end of the day, this outdoor shower is a luxury that is surprisingly affordable. Offering enough privacy to shower or change and convenient enough to be used to hose off feet, kids or pets, this weekend project can be built anywhere a garden hose will reach using basic lumber, corrugated tin and a simple plumbing assembly.

Learn More : How to Build an Outdoor Shower

Regal Retreat

Christopher J. Grubb created an Old World retreat with this regal outdoor shower.

Greek Revival

Scott Cohen gives these homeowners a Grecian treat with Poseidon spilling down water as they shower.

Simple Style

The simplicity of Calazzo's rod shower is what makes it so elegant.

Asian Style

This East-meets-West shower and partition are the work of master hardscaper Scott Cohen.

Secret Hideaway

A previously unused alley now houses an outdoor shower and sink in this design by David Hertz Architects, Inc. Photography by Tim Street-Porter.

Rustic Bathtub

Designer Jamie Durie installed this Japaneses-inspired tub in his own backyard so he could bathe under the stars. Built with cedar planks, the unlined tub's joints tighten up when filled with liquid, creating a watertight vessel.

Surrounded By Nature

This simple shower's picturesque surroundings make it a relaxing place to clean up outside. A framed living wall adds interest behind the shower, while large shrubs and a tree lend privacy and natural beauty. A simple box filled with stone acts as the shower floor and adds another layer of design. Design by Doyle McCullar

A Place to Linger

This outdoor retreat by designer Christopher J. Grubb features a redwood pergola and a fire pit. A freestanding shower adds to the luxury factor. Photo by Scott Mayoral

Sculptural Tiles

An outdoor shower can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose. Textured tiles and a fluid, curved shape make this backyard utility a focal point.

Flip-Flop Stop

This Florida vacation home's porch shower is the ideal spot to wash off stray sand. Dubbed the "flip-flop stop" by owner and Rate My Space user IdeaMom, it's equipped with a towel rack and ample footwear and beach toy storage.

Weekend Project Shower

A few extra feet of fencing and a water source is all it took to create this casual outdoor shower. A sliding wooden door provides maximum privacy.

Simple Garden Shower

Rate My Space user suedel wanted a way to cool off after gardening, so her husband built this minimalist shower in their yard. Attaching the plumbing directly to a tree makes for a romantic, woodsy, almost au natural bathing experience.

Mosaic Outdoor Shower With Lizard Design

This playful lizard mosaic adds a delightful touch to a semi-private outdoor shower. Ingenuous hanging soap and shampoo containers stop any spillage in its tracks.

Family-Friendly Outdoor Shower

After a swim in the pool, the whole family can rinse off with an outdoor shower equipped with four heads.

Small-Scale Solution

A miniature shower is perfect for rinsing off hands and feet made grimy by the great outdoors. Photo courtesy of Calazzo

Rules Are Meant to Be Broken

Kids love to break the rules. Be the cool mom by letting them shower outside. A bright yellow door is fun and gives little ones the right amount of privacy.

Backyard Necessity

Kids (and moms) will benefit from cleaning off at an outdoor shower placed strategically by a backyard playset. Photo courtesy of The Pool Shower.

Freestanding Style

A stream of water flows from this standalone architectural piece by Jaclo.

Simple Shower

This custom-built outdoor shower matches the house's exterior color and is just big enough for two to rinse off from the beach.

Key West Rancher With Outdoor Shower

The beautiful brick patio on this Key West rancher features a modern outdoor shower and ladder for fresh towels.

Tropical Outdoor Shower

Why yes, an outdoor shower next to a tropical garden would be heavenly.

From: Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers and Luxury Portfolio International®

Vertical Garden Blends Function, Style

The moisture produced by the rain shower head provides ample water for Tillandsia plants lining the wall to thrive.

Behind Closed Doors

Although the ceiling is open to the midnight sky, this Asian-inspired outdoor shower provides plenty of privacy with double doors.

Style Make Under

Although highly stylized, this well-made design keeps it simple with modern lines and no embellishments. Photo courtesy of Jaclo

Modern Country

This galvanized metal outdoor shower enclosure looks right at home in this vacation spot created from an old grain silo. Surrounded by miles of farmland, this alfresco shower has plenty of built-in privacy.

A Shower Fit for a Vineyard

The circular "tiles" in this round, custom enclosure come from a surprising source: old wine bottles. Designer Scott Cohen used the bottles to create a focal wall that lets light into the shower while maintaining privacy. An old wine barrel serves as the water spout.

Sleek Lines

A contemporary stainless steel fixture and frosted glass enclosure makes this outdoor shower refined enough to live inside the house. A adjacent dressing area adds convenience and function.

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