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11 Luxurious Outdoor Spaces

Take a tour of landscape and design ideas from high-end urban dwellings and resorts.

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Photo: Image courtesy of 432 West 52nd Street: photo by Redundant Pixel

This is Hell's Kitchen?

Times have changed and what was once one of New York City’s most infamous neighborhoods now offers luxury residences like 432 West 52nd Street which boasts a spectacular rooftop terrace/garden offering 360 degree views of the river and city. Custom built cedar planters divide this outdoor space into a landscaped oasis of flowering plants, shrubs and entertainment areas. 

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Photo: Image courtesy of 1 Hotel & Homes project by EDSA: Meyer Davis Studio, Inc.

Bougainvillea Showstopper

Located on the northern border of South Beach, the 1 Hotel & Homes combines residential and resort accommodations into a pristine beachfront location with an accent on the area’s natural beauty. The oceanside lounge area (pictured) with its lovely bougainvillea-covered arbor includes a plant design that gives a tropical twist to the selection of prairie/meadow vegetation.

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Photo: Image courtesy of 1 Hotel & Homes project by EDSA:  Meyer Davis Studio, Inc.

The Lantern Effect

An interior view of the bougainvillea-covered seaside lounge at the 1 Hotel & Homes complex reveals a playful ceiling pattern of lantern lights. Strategically placed salt-tolerant vegetation gives a Mediterranean vibe.

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Photo: Image courtesy of AKA Beverly Hills,

In the Heart of Beverly Hills

Surrounded by palm trees, this glamorous open terrace at AKA Beverly Hills has the feel of a tropical resort but is actually within close walking distance of L.A.’s Golden Triangle, famous for its world class boutiques along Rodeo Drive and Robertson Boulevard. Raised plant beds, a fire pit and lush border landscaping add extra allure to this space which offers spectacular views of the Hollywood Hills.

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