Courtyards for Entertaining

An outdoor party is fun when you have a great place to throw it. Browse through these courtyard photos and get inspired to entertain guests at your home.

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Enjoy the Show

Host Jamie Durie creates an outdoor space complete with a movie screen and cinema area. Lounge seating and benches allow people to enjoy movies while relaxing.

Warm and Welcoming

Creating the right ambiance is key when entertaining guests. RMS user designranchhappy used the right lighting, plants and design to make guests feel welcome.

Day or Night

Host Jamie Durie created this courtyard for guests to enjoy the beautiful water design while eating dinner at the table nearby. The space is great for daytime or nighttime use.

For Parties Large or Small

Host Jamie Durie designs this courtyard to work as a dining area or Japanese tea room. The large dining table is great for large parties, but the space is intimate enough for small gatherings.

Intimate or Social

HGTV Green Home 2010's courtyard is constructed of permeable pavers and enclosed by picket fencing, accommodating both social gatherings and intimate family dinners.

Fiesta Time

Host Jamie Durie adds bright blue accents to this outdoor dining area. The Spanish-inspired elements give the space an inviting look.

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