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Exotic Outdoor Spaces

outdoor rooms

Jamie Durie brings international style and flavor to these backyards.

Beautiful Outdoor Rooms

California Dreaming

Mediterranean-style outdoor room

Palm Springs, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara inspired these outdoor rooms.

Pretty Patios and More

Taking the Fun Outside

outdoor dining room

Entertaining friends and family will be a breeze in these gardens.

5 Party-Ready Spaces

  • HORJD-202H
    Maria and Blair have owned their home in Sherman Oaks, California for nearly seven years and they have completely neglected to garden or decorate the landscape of their backyard. They have very eclectic tastes, are well travelled across Asi

  • HORJD-406H
    Kenny and Felicia have a big family and a big empty yard. Jamie and his team transform the space with an oversized deck - complete with outdoor dining space, kitchen, seating lounge, hot tub and a fruit grove.

  • HORJD-306H
    Charlie and Brent are new homeowners that would love to entertain in their backyard but have put everything they have into the front yard of their property. After visiting the couple, Jamie decides that Santa Barbara, Ca would be the perfe

  • HORJD-405H
    An outdoor-loving family gets a new yard, complete with a suspended hammock treehouse, an al fresco dining room, and an incredible hanging-swing bed.

  • HORJD-308H
    Homeowners Shai and Nicole are busy owners of hair salon and have neglected their large yard since they bought their home. They both love Japanese inspired design. After Jamie visits with the homeowners, he decides that he will go to New

  • HORJD-402H
    Best friends Brian and Jessica have creative jobs in event planning and design - but you wouldn't know it from their backyard! Jamie Durie gives them an outdoor room with wow... including an amazing deck custom made for entertaining.

  • HORJD-403H
    Jim and Tommy have a giant blank canvas of a backyard. Jamie Durie and his team pull out all the stops for an amazing outdoor space... including an inground pool... in just three days of work!

  • HORJD-404H
    Tony and Latrice are a beautiful couple with a bland backyard. Jamie and his team customize their space with a deck and pergola that showcases their existing swimming pool, open up the bedroom to the outdoors, and build a vertical garden.

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With a client roster that includes A-list celebrities and five-star hotels, Jamie Durie is one of the most well-renowned and sought-after landscape artists in the world. Unable to bring his own Australian design team along, Jamie has put together a new team of top-notch designers, horticulturists and contractors. They're thrilled to be working with a world-class visionary, but can they keep their jobs? Jamie's demand for perfection can be intense, and he puts his new team through the ringer. The challenges come fast and furious, like creating an ultra-hip Thai meditation room replete with koi pond, and then doing it on a 45-degree angle on the side of a hill for a boss who won't take "no" for an answer.

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