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Types of Hardscapes

Making a statement in your yard is easy with a hardscape, or any solid landscaping surface or structure. Here are some examples of hardscapes to choose for your landscaping project.
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Driveways are difficult to design aesthetically, but their size makes them important for curb appeal. Make your driveway more appealing with interesting materials like stained concrete, cobblestone or concrete pavers. The HGTV Green Home 2008 features a double-ribbon driveway with concrete pavers — a permeable option that filters rainwater.

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There are many different surface choices for walkways and paths, including pavers, brick, stone, concrete, terrazzo and glass pebbles. Be sure to choose an option that fits your garden and complements your home. This simple brick path works with the warm colors of the summer flowers and gives the garden structure in the winter.

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Gravel Paths

One of the easiest and least expensive landscaping projects, gravel paths offer flexibility in shape and design. This simple gravel path is accentuated by a border of moss.

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Fences can give your home a sense of privacy and security. Picket or narrow slats provide a psychological barrier, while taller, more solid fence walls shut out the world. This aesthetically interesting fence, with its horizontal planks, is the perfect height for privacy.

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