Amazing Hardscapes

Get ideas for your hardscape from these extraordinary outdoor living spaces by Jamie Durie, Scott Cohen and other designers.

Photo By: Jamie Durie

Nesting at Home

Tilted to one side to allow views out from the central platform, this "Nest" is enveloped in foliage, creating the illusion of sprouting from the forest floor like a plant. Trees grow up through the center of the platform, providing a canopy that protects and embraces the space while allowing dappled light to penetrate. — design and photography by Jamie Durie

Inside the Nest

Designer Jamie Durie created the "Nest" using age-old weaving techniques and a mix of recycled timbers, metal and twigs. Found objects woven into the ribbed frame create a wonderful textural feel, and recycled timber makes the space feel warm and inviting. — design and photography by Jamie Durie

A Wooden "Beach"

In this serpentine deck by Jamie Durie, a narrow gap creates the illusion that the wooden deck continues seamlessly into the water. However, the water laps over a recessed area that's actually separate from the wood. — design and photography by Jamie Durie

A Sculptural Island-Deck

Designed by Jamie Durie, this sculptural outdoor room combines natural and artificial materials finely crafted and rigorously engineered to create a dramatic focal point. The elliptical deck is encircled by terraced garden beds of concrete and rock, and cut off like an island by a reflection pond. A gentle ribbon of water spills over weirs in the garden beds into the pond, barely disrupting the stillness of the surface. — design and photography by Jamie Durie

Aussie Hardscape

Inspired by the beach and drawing on cultural and contemporary architectural elements of Australia, this garden displays the unique materials and plants that the country has to offer. A fire pit is set into the middle of the large round dining table and the colorful Kimberley-stacked sandstones act as contoured walls as well as benches. — designed by Jamie Durie, photography by Jonathan Tickner

Relax Beside the Violets

The undulating deck splits to reveal a pocket of Australian native violets. Where the deck dips, an ergonomic seating area is created.

Unusual Outdoor Shower

For a landscaping job that also included a large pergola with a bathroom, designer Scott Cohen created this wine- bottle shower with a wine-barrel spout.

In the Swim

Designed by Scott Cohen, a stunning, tiled infinity pool and spa and custom ironwork pavilion overlook the hills of Calabasas, Calif.

Color Combinations That Pop

A distinctive tile selection turns this Mediterranean-style spa, designed by Mitch Kalamian, into a focal point. The negative edge makes the water appear as floating glass.

Private Dining

There's no waiting for shrubs or vines to grow to achieve privacy here. A stunning wall of container plants surrounds this deck, designed by Jamie Durie.

Luxury Sunbathing

Jamie Durie sank the lounging areas into the water and created an infinity-edge surround to create a delicious sunbathing-in-the-pool illusion.

Naturally Exotic

Wood, sandstone and copper create a warm, natural poolside retreat in this semi-tropical garden. The epiphytic plant tillandsia drapes over copper wires strung between the light towers. Chilean jasmine will cascade from the top of the light towers, and water runs down the front face of the glass. Designed by Jamie Durie, photograph by Jerry Harpur

Above It All

Behind the shady cabanas that provide pool-side lounging and dining, a second-tier deck offers a seating area for those who want to get away from it all. Designed by Jamie Durie

Temperature Control

Outdoor fireplaces are a great feature for chilly evenings, and old-fashioned ceiling fans do the trick when outside temperatures soar. Designed by Lori Dennis

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