10 Stunning Landscape Design Ideas

Check out these ideas for collaborating with Mother Nature on the design of your yard.

Pathway Lighting

Landscape lighting illuminates the meandering path that leads to the destination terrace. Design by Robert Hursthouse

Concrete Pavers

The backyard of this contemporary home has large concrete pavers with Scotch moss planted between. Bougainvillea provides contrast with the succulents. Design by Paula Henson. Landscaping by Terra Bella Landscape Design

Calming Pond

Large steppingstones accented with ground cover lead down a sloped lawn to a calm pond and boat dock. Design by Alice Marcus Krieg of Groundworks, Inc.

Asian Garden

This garden combines the natural landscape of Yachats, Oregon, with the simplicity and tranquility of Asian garden design to create a living courtyard surrounded by the residence. Design by David Hertz of Syndesis. Photo by David Papazian

Pathway to the Pool

The walk from this contemporary front patio to the backyard pool draws visitors past an abundant water-wise planting bed and colorful ground cover. Design by Pamela Berstler of Flower to the People, Inc.

Meditation Garden

You're sure to find peace in this meditation garden, complete with a bench and birdbath. Flowering rose vines and two statues separate the sanctuary from the rest of the yard. Design by Scott Cohen of The Green Scene/Fetch-a-Sketch.com

Lush Plants

A stone path surrounded by lush plant life leads from the front to the rear entertaining area. Plants with variegated leaf color can add interest and texture to a garden. Design by Alice Marcus Krieg of Groundworks, Inc.

Mediterranean Garden

This outdoor dining area overlooks a Mediterranean-style oasis. The path below meanders through a garden that includes fruit trees, herbs and a tranquil pond. The secluded seating area in back is for relaxing and enjoying the garden at the end of a busy day. Design by Chris Canaday of Masterpeace Gardens

Eco-Friendly Pathway

A permeable pathway made of recycled concrete meanders through lush water-wise plantings, creating a relaxed and magical throughway in this Mediterranean-style garden. Design by Pamela Berstler of Flower to the People, Inc.

Water Garden

In recognition of the importance of the connection between home and garden, the picture window was removed and replaced with French doors that open up the view to the water garden and lush tropical plantings. Design by Robert Hursthouse

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