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13 Ways to Create a Friendlier Front Yard

After a long fall and winter stuck inside, it's time to welcome passersby and visitors. Why not extend your curb appeal to make a front yard and entrance that encourages neighbors to stop by for a chat or a drink? Read on for our best tips on creating a sense of hospitality in your front yard.

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Photo: Manolo Langis, From: Ecocentrix Landscape Architecture.

Make Your Home Welcoming

With beautiful weather comes more outside time. But don't hide away in your backyard. Your front yard, porch, stoop, lawn — whatever you have — is a place where the right accessories and architecture can spell "friendly" and "welcoming" to passersby. Being out front is a great way to connect with your neighbors while still enjoying the outdoors. These are our best tips for making the front of your house as hospitable as possible.

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From: Hidden Potential

1. Add Moveable Front Lawn Seating

Founded in St. Paul, Minnesota, the Friendly Fronts Toolkit has one key recommendation to make your front yard friendlier immediately. "If you can do only one thing, get a few chairs, put them outside, sit down and be present in your yard and in your community. Then you are ready to start talking to people as they walk by."

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2. Widen Your Pathways

Widening your front path and entrance is a psychological reinforcement of "welcome" and has been shown to create a more inviting entry.

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Photo: Greenwood King Properties, a member of Luxury Portfolio International. From: Greenwood King Properties and Luxury Portfolio International®.

3. Plant Fragrant Plants and Flowers

Gardenia, jasmine, tea olive, roses and other fragrant plants near sidewalks and pathways are inviting and appealing to passersby. We dare neighbors not to ask about "that delicious scent."

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