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13 Great Ways to Enhance Your Driveway

Rev up your driveway's look with these outstanding ideas and products.
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Photo: Pinnacle Lighting Group

Illuminate It

LED lights recessed into this driveway by Pinnacle Lighting Group add definition and help highlight the home's stone exterior.

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Photo: Landscape Studio

Mix Materials

This home's driveway is a multi-material showcase. The homeowners desired overflow parking for entertaining, so Landscape Studio created a circular driveway with pavers. On the main driveway, decorative flagstone near the entryway accents the concrete.

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Photo: Concrete Resurfacing Products

Stamped Texture

A stamped finish can refresh a concrete driveway and its borders. A spray treatment and textured roller were used on this driveway to give the surface a realistic look, says Mike Dussling, owner of Concrete Resurfacing Products, based in Suwanee, Ga.

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Photo: ASLA Colorado

Go Mod

A modern update to a midcentury home in Denver includes a driveway with crushed marble, weathered steel, blue fescue grass and neon green sedum 'Angelica'. Three Sixty Design describes it as "a mid-mod palette with a twist." The project, completed for less than $20,000, won a 2014 merit award for residential design under $100,000 from ASLA Colorado

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