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15 Stunning Driveway Landscaping Ideas

July 07, 2020

Don't neglect the impact and curb appeal of a beautifully landscaped driveway. See our tips to ensure sure the landscaping around your driveway entrance provides maximum impact.

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Photo: Michael Saunders & Company, a member of Luxury Portfolio International. From: Luxury Portfolio International®.

Grand Driveway Entryway

A stone driveway and cooling fountain welcome you onto this Sarasota, Florida, property. The landscape and design look beautiful against the lively natural surroundings.

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Photo: Rosemary Fletcher. From: Nilsen Landscape Design.

A Gravel Ribbon Driveway

Reclaimed stones comprise a long and low stone wall that frames the gravel ribbon driveway leading to this home. A ribbon driveway is a classic feature of older homes and typically has a grass strip down the middle, with concrete or gravel strips guiding a car's tires.

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Photo: Image courtesy of Buttercup Design Group/Photo by Vickie Cardaro

Classic Crush

The entrance to a Shelter Island, New York, home forgoes the usual hardscape approach to driveways and opts instead for the more visually pleasing look of crushed gravel with borders of Spirea napponica ’Snowmound’ and ‘Van Houttei,’ sea green junipers and autumn olives.

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Photo: Harry Norman, REALTORS, a member of Luxury Portfolio International, Photographer: Back River Photography. From: Harry Norman, REALTORS and Luxury Portfolio International®.

Old Growth Landscaping

This pair of curved steps flanks a quaint sitting area nestled below the brick driveway in front of this Georgian mansion. Impressive Southern Live Oak trees tower above the home and surrounding landscaping and stretch long limbs over the home's driveway.

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