Tranquil Water Features for Your Yard

Incorporate a one-of-a-kind water feature in an outdoor space to change the ambiance of your yard, porch or patio. Check out these stunning - and tranquil - water features for inspiration.

Reflective Water Feature

The wet-edge detail of this water feature gives it a sleek look, and the water reflects the surrounding landscape. Landscape designer Jamie Durie stained the water for a dark, rich look that resembles the color of tea trees.

Curve Appeal

This water feature takes outdoor seating to a whole new level. Landscape designer Jamie Durie installed a steel trough along the top of the seat's backrest with a small pool at the end of it. The smooth curves of the pebbles and waterfall bring a contemporary touch to the space.

Peaceful Effect

Landscape designer Virginia Rockwell enhanced this backyard pond with a stone water feature. The water trickles down three descending stone slabs to create a peaceful sound and pleasing visual effect.

Asian Flair

Landscape consultant Mitch Kalamian combined water and fire to create an Asian look in this serene backyard. The mosaic glass tiles on the back wall of the water feature pop against the concrete border and neutral-toned stone floor tiles.

Exotic Escape

The bamboo fence complements the distressed wood rods of this exotic water feature and creates a dimensional backdrop for the waterfall. A large bamboo piece is attached to the rods with twine for a natural look that makes you feel as if you're at a tropical waterfall.

Southwestern-Style Fountain

Landscape designer Katrina Leonidov Fairchild converted a galvanized steel trough into an eye-catching water feature. The Southwestern-style fountain brings texture and visual contrast against the natural elements in the outdoor space.

Relaxing Poolside Water Feature

The geometric shape of this poolside water feature contrasts its smooth stone texture. The water effortlessly flows through a large opening into the crystal-blue pool for a relaxed, spa-like look. Design by Scott Cohen

Tranquil Appearance

To create a stunning front entrance, landscape architect Chad Robert placed black pebble stones beneath this soothing, square-shaped water feature. The water feature blends seamlessly with the surrounding greenery, creating a tranquil welcome for guests.

Multilevel Waterfalls

The underwater lighting and stacked crystal edge add dimension to this water feature wall. Landscape designer Morgan Holt added three multilevel waterfalls and a stone wall to bring height to the backyard, while the container plants add touches of bold color.

Eco-Friendly Beauty

Fire and water create a striking contrast in this multi-waterfall design. The waterfalls help conserve water by providing pool water from the heated spa, and also emits a soothing sound while swimming. Design by Paul Wrona

Repurposed Water Feature

Landscape designer Scott Cohen transformed a palm planter into a one-of-a-kind water feature. Fiber-optic up lights illuminate the water at night, and the water feature serves as the focal point in this spacious backyard.

Stone Urn Sculpture

Landscape architect Chad Robert incorporated Asian and contemporary elements in this patio area. The stone urn works as both a garden sculpture and water feature. Chad placed the urn in a planter bed filled with Mexican beach pebbles for a soft, calming effect.

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