Waterside Paradise: Tranquil Pool Flows Through Modern Desert Home

Beneath this modern desert home, water flows from the front yard to the backyard, where an infinity-edge pool creates the illusion of great distance. A cabana in the center of the pool provides space for lounging, as does a separate area with weatherproof chairs beneath an overhang. Drought-tolerant native plants in the landscaping help the home blend with its desert environment.

Photo By: Randy Shankula

Photo By: Randy Shankula

Photo By: ©BRENT MOSS PHOTOGRAPHY, Design by Studio 3877

Photo By: Randy Shankula

Photo By: Randy Shankula

Photo By: Randy Shankula

Photo By: ©BRENT MOSS PHOTOGRAPHY, Design by Studio 3877

Tranquil Water Feature Flows Through Home

Water moves through the center of the home, creating a sense flow from the front door to the backyard. At the same time, the infinity-edge pool easily complements the home's clean lines.

Backyard Includes Cabana, Infinity-Edge Pool

Thanks to an impressive infinity-edge pool, this backyard seems to go on for miles. A modern cabana waits in the center, with a plush lounge chair for watching the stars reflected on the water.

Modern Courtyard With Water, Stone Bridge

Around the corner waits a modern courtyard, complete with a bridge that leads visitor over a pool of water. Clean lines and minimal decor draw the eye straight to the home's interior.

Outdoor Lounge With Weatherproof Chairs

Two weatherproof chairs beneath an overhang give the owners another spot for lounging. Meanwhile, a stone wall provides privacy and shelter from the wind, while cacti add a touch of greenery.

Modern Home With Desert-Inspired Color Palette

Though modern in style, this single-family home uses light wood and sand hues to complement its desert environment. Large overhangs provide a touch of shade during the day.

Front Yard Features Low-Water Landscaping

Talk about making an entrance! By layering the front steps with agave plants and other succulents, the Sage Design team helped make this modern home feel even more in-tune with its desert location.

Landscape Lights Illuminate Front Yard at Night

To increase the home's visibility at night, the architects installed landscape lighting in the front steps. In turn, guests can easily find their way to the door no matter how dark it is outside.

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