Faking It: Artificial Turf Options

Tired of waiting on that hard rain that never falls, many homeowners are installing artificial turf lawns. We decided it was time to take a second and third look.

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September 30, 2015

Photo By: ForeverLawn Phoenix

Photo By: ForeverLawn Phoenix

Photo By: ForeverLawn Phoenix

Photo By: ForeverLawn at the Shore

Photo By: ForeverLawn Central Florida

Photo By: ForeverLawn Central Florida

Photo By: ForeverLawn Metro

Photo By: ForeverLawn Metro

Photo By: ForeverLawn Metro

Photo By: ForeverLawn North Central Georgia

Photo By: ForeverLawn North Central Georgia

Photo By: ForeverLawn North Central Georgia

Photo By: ForeverLawn Northern Arizona

Photo By: ForeverLawn of South Jersey

Photo By: ForeverLawn of Tampa Bay

Photo By: ForeverLawn of Tampa Bay

Photo By: ForeverLawn of Tampa Bay

Photo By: ForeverLawn of Tampa Bay

Photo By: ForeverLawn of Tampa Bay

Photo By: ForeverLawn of Tampa Bay

Photo By: ForeverLawn of Tampa Bay

Photo By: ForeverLawn of Tennessee

Photo By: ForeverLawn

Photo By: Ashley Farrell

Photo By: Ashley Farrell

Photo By: Ashley Farrell Design

Photo By: Ashley Farrell Design

Photo By: Ashley Farrell Design

Photo By: Ashley Farrell Design

Photo By: ForeverLawn Phoenix

Photo By: ForeverLawn Jersey Shore

Photo By: ForeverLawn Jersey Shore

Photo By: ForeverLawn Jersey Shore

Photo By: ForeverLawn Northern Ohio

Photo By: ForeverLawn Northern Ohio

Photo By: ForeverLawn Ohio

Photo By: ForeverLawn Tampa Bay

Photo By: ForeverLawn Tampa Bay

Photo By: ForeverLawn Tampa Bay

Photo By: ForeverLawn Tennessee

But It's a Dry Heat

Regardless of your stance on climate change you need look no further than your own backyard or at the water bill to see how the times are changing. In 2014 Arizona recorded the worst drought in its 110-year history of collecting weather-related data. Those statistics and perhaps a little guilt has led many in the Grand Canyon state to roll out the green carpet especially in areas (like around the pool) where grass can be difficult to grow. Photo courtesy ForeverLawn Phoenix

Muddy Waters

The area around this water feature was often muddy and barren. Instead of creating the “wow factor” the owners wanted, it was an eyesore. Installing synthetic grass solved that problem. Photo courtesy ForeverLawn Phoenix

Midnight at the Oasis

The owners of this Arizona home wanted their own tropical oasis all year long, so they installed artificial grass around an incredibly opulent water feature. With Arizona on schedule to be as dry as California, watering a lawn can be just as extravagant as a trip to the Seychelles. Photo courtesy ForeverLawn Phoenix

Miami Nice

Looking to boost their home’s curb appeal, these Miami homeowners chose a product called Select HD by DuPont and ForeverLawn. The synthetic fiber blades are not just one shade of green but rather several varying colors, which creates a more realistic look. 

Water, Water Everywhere

Located in Great Guana Cay, Abaco Islands, Bahamas, the homeowners of this sprawling beachfront home quickly discovered that though they were surrounded by water, they had very little to sustain a lush lawn. Secondly, the salt water killed the grass they had. So, they decided to fake it! Photo courtesy ForeverLawn Central Florida

Ferry Tales

Accessed by ferry, Guana Cay is a narrow islet only about seven miles long. Consequently, natural grass is a luxury. This sustainable lawn is also dressed in DuPont Select HD with installation by ForeverLawn

Green Roof

The popularity of outdoor lounges in Manhattan has gone through the roof–literally. The logistics of keeping them green is just not that practical, so many businesses and private residences are choosing synthetic grass. Photo courtesy ForeverLawn Metro

Make Mine a Manhattan

Located in Central Park, this New York museum rooftop is decked out in synthetic grass by DuPont. Photo courtesy ForeverLawn Metro

Drinks Are on the House

This Manhattan rooftop is a great place for lounging and is made more comfortable with synthetic grass, which tends to keep things cool. Photo courtesy ForeverLawn Metro

Politically Correct

This Atlanta home sits near the governor’s mansion, an interesting juxtaposition given that the verdict is still out on the “greenness” of synthetic lawns. It can earn both businesses and home LEED points and it looks great between pavers. Sounds like one for the win column. Photo courtesy ForeverLawn North Central Georgia

Is It Live?

Maintaining the grass between pavers can be tricky business. Even the use of a small patch of synthetic grass can solve that problem. Photo courtesy ForeverLawn North Central Georgia

Water Wars

There’s been an ongoing battle between Alabama, Georgia and Florida over water rights. Tennessee has even jumped into the fray. These Georgia homeowners opted for a synthetic lawn bordered by drought tolerant plants, cutting their water usage in half. Photo Courtesy ForeverLawn North Central Georgia

The Roof Is on Fire

This Sedona, AZ home boasts blazing views of the world’s most beautiful rock formations of which the homeowners wanted a better view. So, they converted the patio over their garage into an entertaining space and carpeted it in synthetic green grass. Photo courtesy ForeverLawn Northern Arizona

Garden State

This Southern New Jersey home’s backyard blends artificial grass seamlessly with flowers and mulch to create a natural looking lawn that doesn’t require water or fertilizer. An organic vegetable garden would do nicely adjacent to this lawn. Photo courtesy ForeverLawn of South Jersey

Keeping Up With the Joneses

This home in South Tampa is one of several on its street with synthetic grass in the front and backyards. Since there is little need for blowers and mowers we think it must be pretty serene and green. Photo courtesy ForeverLawn of South Tampa Bay

It's a Livin' Thing

Going synthetic doesn’t mean getting rid of everything living thing in your yard. Mixing it up with live shrubs and evergreens will still save you a ton at the water pump. Photo courtesy ForeverLawn of South Tampa Bay

Gopher-Free, Spackler-Approved

Welcome to Carl Spackler’s ultimate dream home. This Florida homeowner can go night putting anytime he likes without the fear of gophers wrecking the green. Photo courtesy ForeverLawn of South Tampa Bay

Golf Without the Guilt

Golf courses and cemeteries are the biggest wastes of real estate, according to Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack. They also require a metric ton of water to keep green. Many are opting for synthetic grass instead. Photo courtesy ForeverLawn of South Tampa Bay

High Five

When taxed with the redesign of the Palm Island Resort on Palm Island, Florida, landscape architects chose soapstone pavers with synthetic grass creating an intricate yet worry-free garden. We think it deserves a high five. Photo courtesy ForeverLawn of South Tampa Bay

Sunshine State

Florida is a state with strict watering rules. Opting to take out the middleman, this home’s lawn in South Florida never needs watering. Photo courtesy ForeverLawn of South Tampa Bay

Not Your Grandma's Plastic

Purists will surely cringe at the mere utterance of the words "synthetic" and "plant" used in the same sentence. After seeing many examples of what’s on the market, we’ve determined that fake grass deserves more than a second look. Photo courtesy ForeverLawn of South Tampa Bay

Mud, Sweat and Tears

Frustrated by bare patches, mud and the endless search for doggy landmines, a lot of dog owners are choosing to install synthetic lawns. New technology guarantees drainage and cleaning is easier. Photo courtesy ForeverLawn of Tennessee

Way to Go Ohio

Even though the Buckeye State receives more than average rainfall, the summers are getting drier. This Ohio homeowner decided that a synthetic lawn in the backyard was the way to go. Photo courtesy ForeverLawn

Go Pro

When the owners of this Santa Barbara home grew weary of their worn and tired side yard they decided to consult a professional landscape designer. Ashley Farrell installed synthetic grass and flagstone pavers and framed it with Pennisetum and colorful daylilies. 

Made in the Shade

Landscape designer Ashley Farrell likes to use different types of trees for shade and to create a natural divider. She often uses the Tipuana tipu or the Cassia leptophylla, both utilized in this Santa Barbara yard, which make the yard feel larger than it really is. 

Cutting Edge

Bordering artificial grass with soft grasses such as evergreen prostate Phormium tenax and Tupidanthus (umbrella trees) will help give it a more natural look. Photo courtesy Ashley Farrell Design

All in the Family

This lawn was once covered in pea gravel, which not only proved dusty, but also stuck to the paws of the resident dog. Since they decided to cover the area in synthetic grass the space is frequently enjoyed by two and four-legged friends. Photo courtesy Ashley Farrell Design

Outside the Box

Ashley Farrell created a low-maintenance mini oasis for this Santa Barbara couple and complemented the artificial turf with Dianella, asparagus fern, Phormium tenax and dwarf bird of paradise. Instead of using mulch she opted for tumbled black Mexican stones, which creates a nice contrast. 

Thanks for the Compliment

What was once an underutilized space is now a favorite spot at this Santa Barbara beach cottage. The use of purple and greens takes your eye away from the artificial turf and the custom built vertical fence gives the space a more open feel. Photo courtesy Ashley Farrell Design

Just the Facts

Artificial grass can cut water bills by more than half and eliminate the need for toxic weed killers and fertilizers as well as costly and leaky sprinkler systems. The owners of this Arizona home in Paradise Valley will not only see a return on investment, but they’ll never have to water the lawn again. Photo courtesy ForeverLawn Phoenix 

Forever Young

The balcony of this fabulous New York penthouse apartment enjoys views of the Empire State Building as well as soft synthetic turf underfoot that will never need a nip or tuck. Photo courtesy ForeverLawn at the Shore

Combo Meal

The owners of this New York penthouse chose to integrate the synthetic turf with a hardwood decking giving it a more organic look. This is the view to the west. Photo courtesy ForeverLawn at the Shore

Barefoot in the Park

The owners of this New York penthouse apartment added overall square footage to their home by creating a rooftop entertaining spot. The concrete planter houses low maintenance shrubs and the synthetic turf feels great on bare feet. Photo courtesy ForeverLawn at the Shore

Hot in Cleveland

The owners of this condo in Cleveland grew tired of walking barefoot on hot rooftop pavement so they chose to install synthetic turf designed to absorb the heat. Photo courtesy ForeverLawn Northern Ohio

Home Slice

This tiny sliver of a balcony was rarely used and now the owners use it for morning coffee, afternoon sunsets and evening happy hours. Photo courtesy ForeverLawn Northern Ohio

Sharing the Green

Located at 600 Goodale in downtown Columbus, Ohio this mid-rise apartment complex chose synthetic turf to create an attractive common space for its residents by installing a durable synthetic lawn that never requires mowing. The residents whose doors face the corridor especially appreciate this. Photo courtesy ForeverLawn of Ohio

Slippery When Wet

The balcony of this penthouse in St. Petersburg Beach, Florida was damp and slippery from the sea air and morning dew before the owners installed ForeverLawn synthetic turf. Now all surfing takes place on the water only. Photo courtesy ForeverLawn of Tampa Bay


Having dinner on the penthouse’s balcony is much more comfortable now that there is soft, grass-like turf underfoot. Photo courtesy ForeverLawn of Tampa Bay

Blue Green Views

Inside this penthouse, synthetic turf creates a nice contrast to the already stunning ocean view and even helps reduce glare and heat. Photo courtesy ForeverLawn of Tampa Bay

Make It Fake

This penthouse residence in Chattanooga, Tennessee offers a private green “lawn” on the roof for a spectacular outdoor entertaining space. Artificial lawns are fine choices for rooftop spaces as they need almost no attention. Photo courtesy ForeverLawn Tennessee

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