Curb Appeal Ideas: Landscaping Before-and-Afters

Check out these front and back yard makeovers and get inspirations for your own outdoor space.

Before: A Yard Overgrown

This Cape Cod-style home is quite charming, but its front yard lacks a focal point, and the retaining wall is falling apart.

After: Welcoming Front Yard

This front yard is now packed with eye-catching elements. Cast in cement, the new house numbers instantly draw attention from the street. Concrete steps provide a clear path through the lush landscape to the front door.

Before: Ho-Hum Lawn

Potential buyers won't be impressed by this home's brown grass and dying shrubs.

After: A Cheery Garden

Pink and purple flowers pop against this yard's new flower beds lined with dark mulch. Gravel pathways tie the neutral tones of the house with the landscape.

Before: Yard Lost Underneath the Ivy

Overtaken by ivy and weeds, this front yard is a major eyesore.

After: Come On Up

Grasses and shrubs are easy to maintain and provide sufficient groundcover for this sloping front yard. The winding stone walkway acts as an inviting path from the street to the front entrance.

Before: Lost Among the Trees

Surrounded by overgrown shrubs, trees and ivy, this midcentury modern home is barely visible from the curb.

After: Trimmed and Tidy

With the overgrown plantings cleared away, this home makes a strong statement from the street. A new path leads through the yard directly to the front door.

Before: Neglected Front Patio

Don't overlook hardscaping when sprucing up your front yard. This home's circular patio has potential, but it could use a dose of style. Plus, the fountain hasn't worked in years.

After: Pretty Patio

A shade tree replaces the faulty fountain, and shrubs line the perimeter of the patio. A small wooden bench completes this welcoming space.

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