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Team-Inspired Plant Color Combos

Show your team pride with container gardens decked out in your favorite college's classic hues. We’ve got color combos from campuses all across the country, so find your team and get planting.

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Arizona State University

Stir up your Sun Devil spirit with a sun-loving pot in gold and maroon. Fill a 14-inch pot with one Timeless-Fire geranium (left side) and one ColorBlaze Kingswood Torch coleus (right side). Tuck two Superbells Dreamsicle calibrachoa plants along the front edge of the container for your own Arizona inferno. Remove spent blossoms of the geranium to keep new ones forming.

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Clemson University

Give your home a dose of Clemson orange by filling pots to overflowing with African Sunset petunia. Like the Tigers, this petunia is a winner -- a 2014 All-America Selections Winner, that is. It holds its own in all parts of the country, and the plants don't need deadheading to keep the flower show going strong.

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Florida State University

You don’t need to do the famous war chant to show your support of the Seminoles -- just dressing your outdoor spaces in garnet and gold showcases your ACC allegiances. Create this container by filling a 16-inch pot with two red Dragon’s Breath celosia (center), three Proud Mari marigold (equally spaced just outside the celosia) and three Lime Party Time coleus (interspersed with marigolds). Finish the look with trailing golden creeping jenny — three plants tucked along pot edges. Remove flowers as they fade, along with any flower spikes that might appear on the coleus.

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Louisiana State University

Shout out your fan fave cheer of “Geaux Tigers” in the language of flowers — purple and gold bloomers, of course. This pot brings on the color through football season and beyond, and it’s packed with butterfly beckoning blossoms. Start with a 14-inch-wide container, and add two 4-inch pots each of Purple Pinball gomphrena (center), Pink Calipetite calibrachoa (front and back), Mecardonia 'Magic Carpet Yellow' (each side).

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