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50 Can't-Miss Container Gardening Ideas

From flowers to fruit, veggies to vines and shrubs to succulents, container gardening is the way to grow them all in a portable pot that's easier to tend than an in-ground garden and more resistant to weeds and pests. Get our tips for container garden planning and planting success — plus easy DIY planters you can craft yourself.

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Photo: Cassidy Garcia; Styling by H. Camille Smith. From: H. Camille Smith.

Container Gardening: A Continuing Trend

Gardening interest in the U.S. is at an all-time high — and, it's no wonder: gardening has been proven to lower stress and anxiety while raising levels of serotonin, aka the happiness hormone. And, while all types of gardening are popular, container gardening has really taken off. Credit planters' ability to be moved indoors for overwintering, the ease of swapping out blooming or food-producing plants with the seasons and containers' potential to create a focal point and mini garden destination in your backyard, as seen here. Also, for apartment dwellers or anyone short on space, containers can't be beat — allowing you to grow veggies, fruit, herbs or an abundance of blooms on a petite patio or veranda. Get our tips for growing more in less space, below.

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Choose the Right Pot

Stylish containers will give your outdoor decor a boost, but the material you pick can determine the life of your plant. Should you opt for wood, clay, plastic or stone? Our tips, below, will help you pick the perfect pot.

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Photo: Sarah Busby

And, Choose the Right Soil

When planning your pots, always remember that all soil isn't created equal. Potting soil, not garden soil or just plain ol' dirt, is the key to container gardening success. Learn more about which soil works best for a variety of plants and planting conditions, below.

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Photo: Sarah Busby; Styling by H. Camille Smith. From: H. Camille Smith.

Then, Plant the Rainbow

Flowering plants are available in every color imaginable so why not plant the rainbow? Follow our plant recommendations and planting tips, below, to pot up a colorful container garden that, bonus, can stand up to the heat of summer while attracting a variety of pollinators to your patio or deck.

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