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15 Summer Container Garden Recipes

Kiss boring container combos good-bye with these goof-proof container recipes.
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Photo: Photo courtesy of Sakata Ornamentals

SunPatiens and Calipetite

Color your summer scenes with candy cane shades of red and white. This combination features red sun-tolerant impatiens (sold as SunPatiens) accented with white million bells (calibrachoa). It’s a sun-loving duet that looks good as temperatures soar. Tuck in a blue scaevola for a patriotic pot. Recipe for 10-inch pot (1 each in 4-inch pots): Red SunPatiens and white Calipetite calibrachoa.

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Photo: Photo courtesy of Proven Winners

Precious Opal Container Recipe

You’ll find striking summer container recipes like Precious Opal at This combination brightens shady settings, courtesy of colorful leaves and a flounce of pretty flowers. Recipe for 14-inch pot (use plants in 4.5-inch pots): 1 Pegasus begonia hybrid, 1 ‘Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Purple’ sweet potato vine, 1 ColorBlaze Dark Star coleus, 2 Catalina Pink wishbone flower (torenia).

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Photo: Photo courtesy of National Garden Bureau

Pinball Container Recipe

Playful and petal-packed, this pretty pot sizzles dressed in white with a pop of purple. The name comes from the round-headed Pinball gomphrena, but it also describes the way the pot looks when butterflies and bees flock to its bloom, bouncing around like pinballs. Recipe for 12-inch pot (1 plant each in 4-inch pots): Pinball White & Pinball Purple gomphrena, white Calipetite calibrachoa and Double White Profusion zinnia.

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Photo: Photo courtesy of Ball Horticultural Company

SimplySalad ‘Summer Picnic’

Keep your summer bowl in the green—and red!—with this pretty blend of leaf lettuces. Leafy greens dress up containers with eye-catching good looks, and growers design this blend to deliver. Heat-tolerant lettuces ensure you’ll be harvesting fresh greens all summer long. Use a cut-and-come-again technique for longest harvest. Recipe: Buy one 4-inch pot and plant it into an 8- to 10-inch container.

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