8 Cold-Hardy Winter Vegetables

These crops thrive in the cold and will reward you with healthy, garden fresh food all winter.

©Image courtesy of Mary Beth Shaddix

Photo By: Image courtesy of Felder Rushing

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Photo By: Photo courtesy of Woodland Gardens Organic Farm

Photo By: Photo by Sara Cozolino


Arugula is at its best in cold weather. Try growing it in cool weather for a milder crop.


Broccoli continues to produce side shoots once the main head is harvested. Once established, you can enjoy broccoli into early winter.

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are the most cold hardy of the cabbage family.


Cabbage is very cold hardy. Stagger the planting so you can enjoy cabbage all winter.


Endive is a great addition to a winter salad. Plant plenty this fall.


Kale and other hearty greens are great winter vegetables.


Spinach is great to grow in cool weather. Add it salads or saute with garlic for a hearty winter feast.

Swiss Chard

Similar to beet greens, Swiss chard has a mild flavor. Its pretty color will add a little pizzazz to your garden (and your plate).

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