Simply Fabulous Philodendrons

Looking for a bulletproof houseplant? Check out gorgeous and easy-growing philodendrons.

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Philodendrons Offer Variety

Goofproof and tough as nails, philodendrons offer an assortment of leaf colors, shapes and sizes. This group of plants makes an undemanding, true low-maintenance addition to any room. Ideally, give them a spot in medium to bright light, but most also grow in low light conditions. This collection includes (clockwise from bottom left) ‘Graziaele’ with heart shape leaves, large ‘Red Congo,’ Philodendron selloum, ruffle-edged ‘Xanadu,’ classic Philodendron cordatum and chartreuse variegated ‘Brasil.’

Philodendron Selloum

Count on Philodendron selloum to bring a tropical vibe to any setting. Wired to grow, this exotic beauty pumps out leaves without missing a beat, regardless of whether it receives bright or low light. Also known as tree philodendron, this houseplant unfurls leaves that can grow to 3 feet long. It’s on NASA’s list of best air-purifying houseplants. Place it outdoors for summer and bring it inside before fall frost.

Ecuador Philodendron

Deep, emerald green leaves with gold ribbing help Ecuador philodendron (Philodendron verrucosum) brighten any room with elegant style. Like other philodendrons, this two-tone houseplant is an indoor air purifier. Place it in low to high light, near an east, west or north window. This is a climbing philodendron and looks great grown in a pot on a totem.

‘Brasil’ Philodendron

Variegated leaves featuring green with chartreuse splashes make ‘Brasil’ philodendron (Philodendron hederaceum ‘Brasil’) a colorful choice. This beauty is a patented variety that vines. Let it cascade from a pot or hanging basket, or train it up a moss totem. Classic heart-shape leaves blend with any décor. Give ‘Brasil’ a spot near a bright window for best leaf coloration. Water this philodendron when soil is dry to the touch.

‘Moonlight’ Philodendron

New growth steals the spotlight with ‘Moonlight’ philodendron. Fresh leaves unfurl in shades of glowing chartreuse, fading to deep green as they mature. Bright light coaxes the strongest color on leaves. This is a clumping or upright philodendron. It’s a perfect choice for filling a pretty cachepot near an east or west window. Count on ‘Moonlight’ to help scrub indoor pollutants from air—it’s an oxygen purifying houseplant.

‘Super Atom’ Philodendron

If you like the tropical vibe of Philodendron selloum but can’t accommodate its large size, look to ‘Super Atom’ philodendron. This ruffle-leaved beauty looks like a miniature selloum, growing only 3 feet tall and wide. It’s a great coffee table plant when it’s young. As it grows, shift it to a corner table or a spot on the floor near a bright window. ‘Super Atom’ is branded as a member of Costa Farms’ Plants of Steel collection, which features tough-as-nails plants perfect for beginners. These plants withstand low light, irregular watering and low humidity—and still look great.

‘Pink Princess’ Philodendron

Rare and beautiful, ‘Pink Princess’ philodendron (Philodendron erubescens) unfurls dark olive-green leaves with white variegation. As leaves mature, they turn a deep black hue with striking pink spots. Strong light helps plants develop the best leaf color. Place plants near a bright east, west or north window. Water ‘Pink Princess’ when soil is dry to the touch. The black tone of leaves makes this philodendron a real charmer—and difficult to find. Grow this vining philodendron on a totem or pot trellis.

Heart-Leaf Philodendron

Sometimes known as the sweetheart plant, heart-leaf philodendron (Philodendron cordatum) is one of the easiest houseplants to grow. Give it low light, low humidity and/or irregular watering, and it just keeps right on growing. It’s a goof-proof houseplant that vines. Grow it as a trailing plant, letting stems dangle from a shelf or tabletop. Or give it a pot trellis or totem to clamber up. To keep plants confined to a pot, snip vines as needed.

‘Xanadu’ Philodendron

Shiny, leathery leaves feature finger-like lobes on easy-growing ‘Xanadu’ philodendron. This plant is an upright type of philodendron, forming a bushy plant that can grow 2 to 4 feet tall and up to 5 feet wide in the landscape. As a houseplant, it happily grows to fill a 10- to 14-inch pot over time. ‘Xanadu’ is undemanding and gets by with minimal light and water. Give it spot near a bright window, though, and you’ll be rewarded with a bushier plant. It’s sometimes sold as Winterbourn philodendron.

‘Red Congo’ Philodendron

One look at this plant and it’s easy to see where it gets its name: ‘Red Congo’ or ‘Rojo Congo.’ New leaves are flushed with red-purple hues, while stems on new growth glow bright red. This is an upright philodendron that makes an ideal tabletop plant. Give it a spot in bright or low light, although brighter light yields the strongest leaf colors. ‘Red Congo’ is an air purifier, removing toxic chemicals from indoor settings. Use it in your bedroom to ensure fresh air for a good night’s sleep.

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