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10 Plant Parent Fun Facts That May Surprise You

January 26, 2022

Gardens Alive polled houseplant owners of every age to find out just how much they love and pamper their plants. From playing music to naming their fave ficus, their houseplant devotion knows no bounds.

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What Kind of Plant Parent Are You?

Gardening company Gardens Alive polled 1,000 Americans from Baby Boomers to Generation Z about their plant preferences, plant habits and the number of plants they own, and came up with some surprising results.

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Plant Parents Greet Their Leafy Babies

Gardens Alive found that 38.1 percent of plant parents say "hi" when they see their plants or regularly talk to them.

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Photo: Christine Han. From: HGTV Handmade.

Naming Your Plants Is Popular

Of Baby Boomers, Gen X, millennials and Gen Z, Gardens Alive found that more Gen Z plant parents (36.9 percent) named their plants.

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Favorite Plant Names

Some of Gardens Alive favorite names that their polled plant parents shared with them?

  • 1. Walter the Watermelon
  • 2. Chris Stemsworth
  • 3. Fernie Sanders
  • 4. George Bush
  • 5. Leaf Erickson
  • 6. Connor the Cactus
  • 7. Rhubert
  • 8. Abogado the Avocado Plant
  • 9. Mr. Fiddlesticks
  • 10. Chlora Phil

Pictured: a monstera plant.

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