Types of Clematis

Clematis offer a vibrant source of exciting features for year-round displays.
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Climbing Beauty

Most clematis can be trained to climb up the trunk of a tree, although some, like this clematis alpina, may need some help from twine or canes until they establish their grip.

Open Flowering Montana Early Flowering Clematis

Where the area to be covered is large, the traditional strong growing clematis is Clematis montana. Low on maintenance with maximum coverage, it provides a spectacular burst of color in late spring. It has large flowers with a delicate scent.

Early Summer Clematis have Large Showy Blooms

Large hybrid flowered clematis are bred in many different shapes and sizes. They come to us from all over the world and each has its own special qualities. A few have very large flowers that can actually blanket the vine when it is in full bloom.

Late Flowering Hybrid Clematis Tend to Be Smaller

Clematis, Jackmanii, has profuse, 5 to 7 inch, open, four sepaled, violet purple flowers that cover this vine in mid to late summer. It can be trained to climb a wall, trellis, fence, arbor, porch or lamppost.

Double Flower Hybrid Clematis has Ruffled Petals

Most clematis varieties produce single flowers. Some produce double flowers, with most double flowering varieties blooming double on the previous seasons growth, early in spring.

Patio Clematis Bred Specifically for Containers

Clematis Bees Jubilee boasts a lovely seven to eight petal flower. The wavy petals are white on the margin and brilliant pinkish red down the center maroon stamen. It is a compact plant suited for containers. The seedheads are beautiful, too.

Evergreen Variety of Clematis Popular for Foliage

Armand clematis begins blooming in late winter and continues producing hordes of fragrant flowers for several weeks thereafter. It is a spectacular evergreen vine that is beautiful whether in bloom or not. An enthusiastic climber and able to scramble.

Small Late Flowering Species of Clematis

Clematis koreana bears small, drooping, bell shaped flowers that are dull violet, or red brown on the outside, sometimes edged yellow. Inside the flowers are green with very thick tepals, each with a spur near the base and white anthers.


'Pamina' features gorgeous bright pink petals which fade to white at the edges. Black anthers emerge out of the center of this beautiful perennial. This vine flowers from May to September and originates in the United Kingdom. 

'H.F. Young'

'H.F. Young' features gorgeous light purple pointed petals with light yellow anthers. 

'Ivan Olsson'

'Ivan Olsson' features beautiful bright white petals with dark purple anthers emerging from the center. 


'Westerplatte' features a fierce bright pink-red color which is contrasted with bright white anthers. 


'Andromeda' features white pointed petals with a pink stripe running down the center of each petal. This perennial features lemon-yellow anthers. 


'Fuyu-no-tabi' features bleach white frilled petals with an occasional faint green stripe down the center of certain petals. It is then contrasted with dark red-purple anthers. 


'Fujimusume' features large purple petals complemented with yellow-green anthers that immediately catch your eye. 

'Bees Jubilee' Clematis

'Bees Jubilee' features soft pink petals with dark pink striking the center of each petal. Brown anthers with yellow bases add an incredible contrast to this perennial. 

'Silver Moon'

'Silver Moon' features incredible silver-pink frilled petals with yellow stamens. 

'Forever Friends'

'Forever Friends' features fewer petals than other clematis'. It is bleach white and pointed and showcases deep purple anthers that are streaked with white. 

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