47 Spectacular Tulips

Try one of these tulip varieties on for size.

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'Uncle Tom'

'Uncle Tom' features numerous petals that make it resemble a peony. Before they open, their buds are dark red, once they bloom they turn a beautiful purplish-red. 

'Strong Gold'

'Strong Gold' is said to be the strongest solid yellow tulip. 


'Reputation' is a strong long-lasting tulip featuring intense red petals with a broad well defined golden yellow edge. 

'Double Maureen'

'Double Maureen' is a tall statuesque tulip and is one of the last tulips to bloom. 

'Cafe Noir' Tulip

'Cafe Noir' features a beautiful, dark shade of chocolate-maroon that flower in mid-spring. 

'Paul Scheerer'

'Paul Scheerer' features a classical shape and velvet-maroon black petals. 


'Recreado' is a long-flowering tulip featuring an elegant deep purple color. 

'Violet Beauty'

'Violet Beauty' features beautiful lavender-blue blooms with an ivory-white interior. This tulip changes color throughout its long bloom period. 

'Abu Hussan'

'Abu Hussan' features rich warm tones of mahogany-red petals with yellow-orange edges. 


'Palestrina' features a beautiful deep salmon pink color. 

'Kings Blood'

'Kings Blood' is a late-flowering tulip with deep red petals. 

'Spring Green'

'Spring Green' features broad white petals with a central green band on each petal. 


'Virichic' features bright and bold lily shaped petals. 

'Flaming Spring Green'

'Flaming Spring Green' features bright white petals with purplish-red and green flames. 

'White Dream'

'White Dream' features ice white cupped blooms. 

'Orange Sun'

'Orange Sun' features bright orange bowl shaped flowers. 

'Golden Artist'

'Golden Artist' features brightly colored petals of golden-yellow, green, and a hint of light pink. 

'Queen of Night'

'Queen of Night' is the most popular of the deep purple tulips. 

'Flaming Baltic'

'Flaming Baltic' features bright white petals with deep maroon flames on each petal. 

'Snow Valley'

'Snow Valley' features white petals with streaks of green which are sometimes flushed with pink and fringed edges. 


'Cummins' features gorgeous violet blossoms with crystalline white edges. 

'Lighting Sun'

'Lighting Sun' features giant orange blooms and of all the garden tulips, it is one of the most weather resistant. 

'Huis Ten Bosch'

'Huis Ten Bosch' features cream white petals with broad fringed pink edges. 

'Snow Parrot'

'Snow Parrot' features pure white petals with soft pinks edges. With their unique colors and shapes, these tulips resemble their tropical bird name. 


'Fantasy' features a blend of deep rich pinks, salmons, and greens with rippled and fringed petals. 


'Davenport' features brick red blooms with petals edged in bright yellow and yellow crystals trimming the edge of each petal. 

'Estella Rynveld'

'Estella Rynveld' is a parrot tulip featuring rich raspberry-red and white frilled edges. 

'Angels Wish'

'Angels Wish' is a tall and beautifully shaped single, late tulip. It features bright white petals that gradate into a soft yellow at the base. 

'Professor Roentgen'

'Professor Roentgen' combines rose, lemon yellow, and mandarin red with slight traces of green into each petal. 


'Tricolette' features a yellow base with white petals streaked with magenta. 

'Apricot Parrot'

'Apricot Parrot' is a parrot tulip with warm shades of apricot yellow with traces of rose and ivory in each petal. 

'Apricot Foxx'

'Apricot Foxx' features apricot raspberry petals with soft buttery carmel apricot edges. Their color intensifies in cooler climates. 

'Black Parrot'

'Black Parrot' is a parrot tulip featuring a deep maroon-black color with exotic frilled edges. 

'Grand Perfection'

'Grand Perfection' features soft yellow petals with intense red flames. 

'West Point'

'West Point' is a lily flowering tulip with long pointed petals and it is susceptible to wind damage. 


'Mariette' is a lily flowering tulip featuring a white base and luminous satin rose petals. 


'Ballerina' is a sweetly scented lily flowering tulip with warm shades of reddish orange. 

'White Triumphator'

'White Triumphator' is a large and long lasting ivory tulip. 

'Arabian Mystery'

'Arabian Mystery' is a special dark purple tulip featuring a sharp white edge on each petal. 


'Marilyn' is a lily tulip that opens fully in the sun light. It features white petals with traces of intense magenta in each petal. 

'Fly Away'

'Fly Away' is a gorgeous orange and red lily flowering tulip. 

'China Pink'

'China Pink' is a soft pink lily flowering tulip with a bright white base. 


'Lilynita' features rich purple petals with a white base and long pointed petals. 

'Moonlight Girl'

'Moonlight Girl' is a beautiful soft buttery yellow when first bloomed, but throughout the blooming period the color turns lighter. 


'Yonina' is a lily flowering tulip featuring cherry-red curved petals with ivory highlights. 

'Elegant Lady'

'Elegant Lady' features slim, pointed petals with a soft yellow base which transitions into a pale pink at the tip of the petals. 

'Shirley' Tulip

'Shirley' is a creamy white tulip edged in purple.

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