Azaleas: A Rainbow of Hues

This hardy shrub comes in a myriad of colors for varied garden interest.


Tight bunches of blossoms and vivid pink color make 'Homebush' a popular azalea choice.

'Pink Pancake'

A yummy way to enjoy azalea, 'Pink Pancake' offers beautiful pink-purple blossoms.


'Klondyke' is distinguished by unusual golden blooms. Azaleas have a tendency to attract hummingbirds and works well in woodland gardens.

Rhododendron (subgenus Azalea) 'Brazil'

The lovely 'Brazil'.

Rhododendron (subgenus Azalea) 'Wyandanch Pink'

This cultivar offers vibrant blooms. Learn more about 'Wyandanch Pink'.

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