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Autumn Garden Gate Decor

Give a hearty welcome to your garden with this fall garden gate decor project.

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Fun fall Garden Gate Decor

Spruce up your garden gate with this cheery welcome arrangement.

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Materials for Autumn Garden Gate Decor

What you will need: medium rake head hack saw (optional)/ box saw/ artificial autumn leaves (2 bunches)/ artificial mums/ piece of burlap 4” wide by 45” long/ paint stir stick/ craft board (1/4” x 2 ½” x 24”)/ craft paint/ 2 brads or small nails/ adhesive letters/ floral wire/ wire cutters

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Separating the rake head

Remove the handle from rake head (if necessary) using a hack saw.

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Bringing the leaves together

Twist artificial leaf bunches together at a few stems to secure them.

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