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A Simple, Modern Holiday Cocktail Party

Holiday parties don't have to be complicated or expensive. With a trip to the grocery store and a little DIY elbow grease, you can pull off this sophisticated, modern cocktail party.

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Simple + Sophisticated

Host friends for a cocktail party to celebrate the season, complete with custom cocktails, DIY decorations and simple, store-bought appetizers.

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Set the Sparkling Mood

Custom invitations adorned with sequins will set the mood for your glitzy party. Place dots of tacky glue on the paper where you want to glue individual sequins. Use a few different colors of sequins; random patterns look best! Add a handful of sequins in the envelope as a fun surprise for your guests.

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Fashion-Forward Accessory

Every hostess needs a party-perfect hairpiece, like this black-and-gold tulle accent.

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Oversized Sequins

No glitzy holiday cocktail party is complete without a sparkling and colorful tabletop. Cover a basic white tablecloth with oversized sequins. Multicolored pieces in green, red, black, pink, gold and silver set a fun, lively mood.

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