A Simple, Modern Holiday Cocktail Party

Holiday parties don't have to be complicated or expensive. With a trip to the grocery store and a little DIY elbow grease, you can pull off this sophisticated, modern cocktail party.

Simple + Sophisticated

Host friends for a cocktail party to celebrate the season, complete with custom cocktails, DIY decorations and simple, store-bought appetizers.

Set the Sparkling Mood

Custom invitations adorned with sequins will set the mood for your glitzy party. Place dots of tacky glue on the paper where you want to glue individual sequins. Use a few different colors of sequins; random patterns look best! Add a handful of sequins in the envelope as a fun surprise for your guests.

Fashion-Forward Accessory

Every hostess needs a party-perfect hairpiece, like this black-and-gold tulle accent.

Oversized Sequins

No glitzy holiday cocktail party is complete without a sparkling and colorful tabletop. Cover a basic white tablecloth with oversized sequins. Multicolored pieces in green, red, black, pink, gold and silver set a fun, lively mood.

All in White

White dishware pops against the sequined base, and can be easily reused for your next soiree.

Dressed-Up Deli Bites

The premade appetizers that can be found in your grocer's frozen food section don't have to look mundane. On modern, all-white platters, store-bought snacks appear homemade.

Cheese, Please

Any good party always has a cheese plate. To put together the perfect assortment, choose one soft cheese, like brie, one hard cheese, like aged cheddar, and one made from goat or sheep's milk, like peppered goat cheese. Serve with crackers and seasonal fruit.

Sandwich Station

Use store-bought rolls and thinly-sliced deli meat to create a mini sandwich bar. At the store, forgo everyday items in favor of ones that feel special; skip sliced turkey and white bread in favor of bakery-fresh onion rolls and Italian hard salami.

Go Asymmetrical

Arrange your table asymmetrically to give it a more interesting look. Displaying floral arrangements on one end of the table and tiered snacks on the other Meaning, put more floral arrangements on one side and more snacks on the other. It helps it look more interesting and inviting.

Handmade Garland

Handmade, sequined balls and bright, cutout snowflakes hung on clear monofilament create a festive backdrop for the party.

Custom Fabrics

Incorporating a patterned fabric is great way to tie a party together. Patterned napkins can get pricy, but you can easily make your own from a unique fabric. Here, a custom, painted snowflake fabric from Spoonflower picks up on the bright hues featured on this tabletop. Stock up on a little extra and use it to cover a cocktail table or even dress up an unattractive wall.

Supermarket Centerpiece

When buying flowers for a party, sometimes the best place to look is at your local grocery store. An easy way to make everything cohesive is to stick with one type of flower or green. To get this look, pick up two bunches of eucalyptus, which is readily available at any grocery store. Group an odd number of clear vases to create a thoroughly modern arrangement.

A Bit of Sparkle

Dress up the basic bouquets with flecks of oversized glitter. Add the glitter inside the vases before adding the water to give the arrangements some festive sparkle.

Create a Cocktail Table

Every cocktail party needs a cocktail table. Serve one or two signature drinks to set a festive mood and keep the cost of the party down.

Be Prepared

Mix up a big batch of drinks before guests arrive so you can play host instead of bartender. Keep garnishes and extra glassware handy for mid-party refills.

Citrus-Mint Spritzer

The best part of this drink is the edible glitter rim. Sweet citrus and tasty mint make an unexpectedly delicious pair in this festive party cocktail.

Tulle Cocktail Stirrers

It's the fun details that make a party memorable. These tulle cocktail stirrers do just that! Purchase a yard of brightly-colored tulle at your local fabric store. Cut it into 1-inch strips. Tie the strips around the top of plain, wooden stirrers. Glue into place at the very top of the stick.

Winter Warmer

Warm your guests as the night gets cooler with a kettle of homemade chai tea.

Hot Cocktail or Non-Alcoholic Nightcap

Spicy, sweet and creamy, this yummy drink can be enjoyed with or without an extra kick of bourbon. Top with star anise and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

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