Quoted: HGTV Stars Share Their Fave Mother's Day Memories

HGTV stars Drew Scott, Anthony Carrino and more share their most memorable Mother's Day stories, or just reasons why their mom is so incredible. Can you guess which stars used to act out plays just for Mom? (Hint: They're twins.)
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Photo By: Jonathan and Drew Scott with their mom Joanne

Photo By: Nicole Curtis with her grandmother and mom

Photo By: Joanna Gaines with her daughter Emmie Kay

Photo By: John Colaneri and his mom

Photo By: Anthony Carrino with his mom

Photo By: Marianne Canada with her daugher Lulu

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Drew Scott:

"As kids, Jonathan, JD and I would always try to create something unique for Mom at Mother's Day — make her a handmade pop-up card, write her a song about how she's No. 1, or we'd act out goofy little plays that have nothing to do with anything but she'd always made us feel great for being creative. Even though it was Mother's Day and we would bend over backwards to do things for our mom, she would always find a way to turn it around and do things for us. She would cook us these amazing breakfasts, take us out to dinner at our favorite restaurant and even take us for fun outings at the zoo, park or circus. Our mom would always say, 'Mother's Day is my chance to show you boys how much I love you.'" — Drew Scott, co-host of Property Brothers and Brother Vs. Brother

Nicole Curtis:

"I always try to spend [Mother's Day] with Gram and Mom. They are always eager to join me on my projects and have been known to spoil my crew with banana bread, cookies and muffins." — Nicole Curtis, host of Rehab Addict

Joanna Gaines:

"My favorite memory was when I hosted [Mother's Day] at my house for the first time. The menu featured homemade lasagna, salad, fresh bread and an Italian bread pudding. My mom, two sisters and my husband, Chip's, mom and late grandmother were all there. The table was set for a queen, and it was a day where the most important women in our lives were celebrated. I wanted my kids to be apart of the design, so they decorated the place settings with an adorable fingerprint flower and handwritten names. The generations of mothers and children that were represented was a wonderful reminder that motherhood is by far one of the most important roles we will ever know." — Joanna Gaines, co-host of Fixer Upper and creator of The Magnolia Mom

John Colaneri:

"My mom always likes to spend Mother's Day as a family doing something active and outdoors. Over the past few years we've gone to Ellis Island, George Washington's Mount Vernon home and the Queens Botanical Garden. Spending the day at these local historical sites has created great memories for our family." — John Colaneri, co-host of Kitchen Cousins and Cousins Undercover

Anthony Carrino:

"My mom is the most selfless, giving person I have ever met, and I largely credit her for getting me started with interiors." — Anthony Carrino, co-host of Kitchen Cousins and Cousins Undercover

Marianne Canada:

"As cheesy as it is, Mother's Day has meant so much more to me now that I am a mom. To top things off, my daughter Lulu was born on my birthday, and since our birthday is in early May, we sometimes celebrate it on Mother's Day! She made me a mom, she's my little buddy and I hope she grows up loving sharing her birthday (and Mother's Day) with me." — Marianne Canada, host of HGTV.com web series Weekday Crafternoon

Brian Patrick Flynn:

"I grew up in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Fla. where single-level ranches with light and bright interiors are the norm. As far back as age six, I remember thinking of how boring my friend's houses were and wanting to redo them myself. At six, that was unlikely to happen. It probably stemmed from my mom always updating our house every two years or so with a new paint color, millwork tricks and new upholstery.

The first thing I remember inspiring me to work in design was when our house was remodeled in 1993. A huge wall of 1970s-tastic cedar was lightened with a bleach treatment; the roof was replaced; new tile went down throughout the main areas; and all walls were painted white. That one small taste of design had me hooked. What's fascinating most about it is that I've gone the opposite direction of my mom: bold colors are my norm and I barely even use white. Maybe I was adopted?" — Brian Patrick Flynn, contributor and featured designer for HGTV.com

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