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DIY Spring Craft: Heirloom Egg Topiary

Add a touch of springtime whimsy to the tabletop with this natural egg and garden elements topiary.

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Easter Egg Topiary

Add a topiary with natural elements to this year's spring tablescape.

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Gather Your Supplies

Fresh eggs from heirloom chickens make this topiary pop! You will also need: assorted moss / a styrofoam cone / a slice of birch tree (look in the wood burning section of the craft store) / hot glue gun & glue / ribbon / scissors / 2 floral pins (optional) / 2 mini-grapevine wreaths / a small chalkboard sign /and a chalk paint pen.

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Prepare Your Eggs

Blow out the eggs. Techniques can be found online. I used a Dremel rotary tool with a small drill bit. Once the contents of the eggs are blown from the shells, soak them in a bowl of soapy water and rinse them clean. Set them aside to dry prior to use.

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Create the Base

Hot glue the styrofoam cone to the center of the birch tree base.

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