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10 Ideas for Decorating With Vintage Toys for Christmas

Find tips for collecting retro toys and games from the '50s, '60s and '70s and how to incorporate them into your holiday decor.

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Barbies, GI Joes, Board Games + More

If you love all things retro and festive Christmas displays, why not combine both and decorate your home with vintage toys and games? Think Barbie doll accessories, books, board games, toddler toys and items from TV shows that were popular 40 to 50 years ago. These old toys and games are filled with vibrant hues and bold patterns so they can add a lot of color and personality to your holiday decor. Old toys are popular with collectors, making them easy to find at online auctions. Estate sales are another great source for finding all things retro, not just holiday decor. If you have young kids, look for sturdy items made of hard plastic or metal that won’t get damaged if they can’t resist playing with them — they’re kid’s toys after all. If not, plan on displaying your antique toys and games in hard-to-reach places.

First up: Barbie Cases. Back in the '50s, '60s and '70s, no Barbie-loving person would dare find themselves without a handy dandy carrying case. How was one supposed to transport Barbie (or Ken) to a sleepover with a portable wardrobe full of outfit options? Those cases come in great colors with amazing graphics. Coordinate them with your Christmas tree and bring them back out of the attic and use them as a seasonal decor item.

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Cover the Tree Stand With Board Games

One of the best things about having a collection of vintage toys and board games is they make great Christmas tree skirts. Not only that, but they also hide your tree stand. A collection of retro games is perfect for this since the graphics are bold and colorful. Easy to find online or at estate sales and flea markets. Look for games you had as a child for extra fun.

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Decorate Dollhouses for the Holidays

Dress up old dollhouses to fit in with your Christmas decor. Add white felt to the rooftop for snow. Put a tiny wreath over the door. Don’t forget to put a tiny Santa or elf in the doorway, welcoming visitors. Even if you don’t have a retro dollhouse, a modern one will do.

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Display Coloring Books

No Christmas was complete without some sort of holiday-themed coloring book — better yet, a jumbo version with a new 64-pack of crayons. Even if the pages have been torn and colored on, the cover artwork is really what you are looking for when it comes to display.

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