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How to Decorate With Vintage and Antique Christmas Decor

Have yourself a vintage little Christmas this year with our suggestions for antique and retro Christmas decorations that'll give your holiday home a big boost of charm.

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Photo: Marian Parsons

Antiques + Vintage: Holidays With History

Wondering how to give your holiday decorations a look that's personal and oh-so-pretty? Antiques and vintage finds are the key — especially when displaying treasured hand-me-downs or thrifted scores that remind you of childhood Christmas celebrations. So, scour the attic, basement and garage (or your local thrift store) for holiday decor with a history. Read on to learn more about your favorite Christmas collectibles, plus get designer tips for beautifully displaying them.

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Beaded Ornaments

These meticulously made Christmas ornaments were a popular craft project in the ‘50s and ‘60s. Some were mass-produced readymade, but DIY kits were also available. Oftentimes these beaded ornaments were handcrafted using scraps of ribbon and beads that the crafter had on hand. Full of metal pins stuck into foam balls, these sparkly ornaments made for a great collection.

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Glass Ornaments

Nothing beats the gorgeous reflective shine of a tree full of antique glass ornaments. When talking about glass ornaments, most people think of the Shiny Brite brand or style of ornaments that were popular in the 1950s, but glass ornaments like these go back further than that. Some are very old and fragile coming from Germany with hand-painted holiday scenes and such. Extra care needs to be taken with this collection when it comes to display and storage, but that unbeatable sparkle and color make the extra care worth it.

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Photo: Marian Parsons. From: Marian Parsons.

Christmas Villages + Putz Houses

Putz houses were originally nativities that were put under a Christmas tree, but Christmas villages have evolved way beyond that purpose over the years. When shopping, look for houses that are of a similar style and scale to keep your village's overall look cohesive. Arrange them on buffets, dressers, hutches and mantels or honor their original purpose and place them under the tree.

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