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Mother's Day Crafts From the Garden

By: Liz Gray
Forget the traditional florist bouquet. This year get inspired by our DIY Mother's Day gift ideas featuring live plants and cut flowers.
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Photo: Marian Parsons. From: Marian Parsons.

Springy Chalkboard Pots

Give inexpensive terra-cotta pots a playful makeover with chalkboard paint, then fill with Mom's favorite blooming bulbs for a cheery pop of spring color.

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Create a Hand-Dyed Bouquet

This kid-friendly craft turns a grocery-store bouquet into a custom arrangement for Mom. Drop the stems of white flowers into food coloring and water, and watch the flowers drink up the color. Little ones will love trying out different hues to create a rainbow bouquet.

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Add a Face to Terra-Cotta Pots

Bring life to your mom's container gardening by adding custom faces. Invite kids to use their imaginations to create different facial expressions and help choose the right "hair."

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Build a Better Bouquet

It's easy to create your own florist-quality bouquet for Mom. Just follow these seven simple tips.

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