10 Food Network Recipes We're Making This Thanksgiving

Prepare yourself, these mouth-watering recipes will have you drooling. (Disclaimer: We are *not* speaking from experience.)

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Four Pies, One Pan, All Good

They say you can't do it all, but we beg to differ. Be the hostess (or host!) with the mostest and bake this four-flavor sheet pan pie. Trust us, every member of your family's baking matriarchy will be begging for the recipe. Get the recipe>>

Get It Started With Spinach

A hungry guest equals a grouchy guest. Keep your guests happy (not "hangry") with this mouth-watering appetizer. Make this creamy, hot spinach and artichoke dip and please the crowd. Get the recipe>>

Turkey Made Easy

Does cooking the turkey terrify you? We understand that sentiment completely. Never fear, the simplest Thanksgiving turkey recipe ever is here. Not only will you make your mother proud, you'll be the hero of the holiday. Get the recipe>>

Cheesy Goodness

When it comes to sides, there's one dish every Thanksgiving feast must have — macaroni and cheese. Make your cheesy dreams come true with Alton Brown's baked macaroni and cheese. Yes, we know, baked mac n' cheese can be scary (read: dry, bland, crunchy) but trust us, you need this dish in your life. Get the recipe>>

No Ordinary Cranberry Sauce

Say goodbye to the days of woeful cans of molded cranberry jelly and hello to the real (and actually tasty!) deal. This cranberry-orange sauce is the perfect complement to that crispy-skinned turkey and the expertly-salted gravy you'll have perched on your table. Get the recipe>>

New Spin On Squash

Thanksgiving dinner can be heavy and let's be honest — completely carb-filled. Opt for at least one healthy side this season and try this ultra-delicious, ultra-comforting butternut squash soup. (Bonus: This dish makes a great recovering-from-the-Thanksgiving-madness meal.) Get the recipe>>

Must-Have Mashed Potatoes

Silky-smooth mashed potatoes are attainable. According to Food Network chef Tyler Florence, "starting with cold water" makes all the difference. Whip up this not-too-fancy mashed potato recipe and please the purist and the connoisseur alike. Get the recipe>>

Bring On the Rolls

No holiday dinner is complete without the perfect dinner roll. These rolls are perfectly buttery, yeasty and fluffy all encased in a quintessentially crisp exterior. Bake these melt-in-your-mouth Parker House dinner rolls and prepare yourself to be crowned roll-baking royalty. Get the recipe>>

All Things Green Beans

Is there anything more comforting than a big ol' dish of green bean casserole sitting with the Thanksgiving spread? We've all had overly-generous helpings of pretty good casserole, but have you ever had Alton Brown's Best-Ever Green Bean Casserole? Give this recipe a try and you'll never want another. Get the recipe>>

Stuffing With a Twist

Most of the time, stuffing is just well...stuffing. It can be dry, flavorless, weirdly lumpy and all the not-so-appetizing things. Let's put an end to the mediocrity. This sausage and cornbread stuffing is a game changer. Get the recipe>>

More From Food Network's Feast Week

In the off chance that none of our favorite dishes suit your fancy, get inspired by Food Network's top Thanksgiving recipes and fashion your perfect feast. Want to step up your holiday game even more? Create a stunning centerpiece, set a stylish Thanksgiving table and follow these stress-relieving tips. If all else fails, find a quiet corner and savor every bite of your Thanksgiving meal. You deserve it.

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