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How to Organize Your Household Data

No more searching for phone numbers and home maintenance information. A tech-free family management binder will keep your family organized and help with emergency prep.

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Organize It All With a Household Binder

With busy work schedules and lots of extra-curricular activities, even a close-knit family can have a difficult time keeping everyone in the know regarding important family information. This DIY family management binder is an easy, low-tech way to keep everyone on the same page, especially in an emergency.

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Dress Up Your Family Management Binder

Grab a colorful binder, then customize it with a family photo and colorful card stock. Here's what you'll need to organize the inside: divider tabs, sheet protectors, business card pages, interior folders, zip pouch, pencils and markers.

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Gather Important Documents in One Place

To streamline this project, pull everything together before building your binder. Gather contact information for neighbors, doctors, teachers and your kids' best friends. Include information like monthly bills, your family's insurance agent and policy numbers so you can quickly consult a one-sheet without digging through piles of mail.

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Customize the Contents of Your Family Management Binder

The beauty of this type of binder is that you can customize it to your liking. We suggest you create a table of contents for the following to start:

Emergency Contacts: Important phone numbers everyone in the family should know

Contractors: Handymen, plumbers, HVAC and other maintenance pros

School: Email addresses, teacher names, phone numbers, calendars, hours and addresses

Childcare: Go-to babysitters, rates and a just-in-case neighbor

Insurance: Home and auto agent information and additional policy details

Medical: Contact information for your insurance plan, doctors, dentists, therapist, etc.

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