14 Kids Tell Us What Awesome (and Slightly Crazy) Things They Want in Their Dream Bedroom

Kids' imaginations know no bounds, so you're liable to get some pretty outrageous answers when you ask them what they would want in their dream bedrooms if they were the designers. From swimming pools to stages, these 14 kids dreamed up some awesome bedrooms. Check out what they are wishing for.

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May 03, 2018
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"A bunk-bed with three stories and a slide that curls down into a pool, which has no water but is filled with life-sized stuffed animals, like squids, zebras and cockroaches." — Larkin, age 10

You lost me for a minute at the end, there, Larkin. But a slide is a great idea! The slide in this home goes through the whole house. Not bad! Larkin wasn't the only slide enthusiast, however. Turns out this slide-into-a-pool was a dream of lots of the kids I asked. And I must say, rolling out of bed and into a slide that delivers you to your very own pool sounds like it would make mornings a lot happier.

Lego Room

"Legos, stuffed animals and other toys all at easy reach anywhere and everywhere on the floor." — Renee, age 8

No doubt, building blocks are a huge hit among the small set. And even though Renee would like them all over the floor (which is understandable for easy access!), perhaps an awesome room like this with the blocks on the wall would fit the bill?

High-Class Writer's Desk

"I would like my bed to be a waterbed with fish in it. Or like a high-class writer's desk area. I would like a bookshelf that automatically knows what books I will love." — Frankie, age 11

Well, this writer's desk looks pretty high-class to me, Frankie. As far as the bookshelf that knows what books you'll love? Man, that is a really great idea. I do wonder, however, how fish in your waterbed would respond to tossing and turning, but what do I know? I'm just a boring, regular-bed-having adult.

Fairy House

"A fairy house with fairies and stickers and light-up stars." — Josie, age 6

Fairies are the cutest! You can definitely make this project happen for your little one. Make a tiny fairy garden like this one that can live in your kid's room and a she will be thrilled. Stickers and light-up stars are a no-brainer.

A Rock Wall

Mom Sami says Ivan (who's two) wants, "A rock wall. As long as it's not too high and has a pad beneath it, I'm good with it."

What better way to get an active kid some much-needed exercise when they're inside than a rock wall? Ivan's mom can even have a really attractive rock wall like this one. The gray printed wallpaper combined with the gray stone of the rock wall itself make this installation look like chic wall art. And it's still mega fun!

A Playground

"A swing set and giant playground." — Eli, age 8

Oh man, what little kid wouldn't want their bedroom to be a giant playground, Eli? Good call. If you're looking to make your indoor life a little more playful, parents, be inspired by this awesome playroom that comes complete with a hammock swing and mini slide.

A Batting Cage

Chase, age 7, tells us via his mom, Vikki, that he wants "a goal post or a batting cage."

You keep dreaming in that field of dreams, Chase. I can't imagine a more fun room for a sports-loving kid than one with its own batting cage. You'll need a basket full of baseballs like this, for sure. I also can't imagine how one would accomplish this indoor sports dream, but hey! Where there's a will, there's a way.


Amelia, age 5, has a mom named Rhonda who tells us she would like "a mermaid-themed room with a pool."

These three little girls with their shell tiaras are right there with you, Amelia. What could be more magical than a pool room for a mermaid? I truly do not know.


Abby's son, Sam, age 13, makes his wishes very clear: "I don't even have to ask my kid because he asks me every day. He'd like a screen in his room. Any screen. Xbox, computer, TV. All of the above."

Sam, sounds like you've got a tough crowd. But maybe if you could convince your mom that a screen in your room would only be used for educational purposes, she'd get you a set up like this one from the HGTV Dream Home 2014? Not too shabby.

Triple Bunk Beds

"Triple bunk beds for sleepovers, a rug made of memory foam, a walk-in closet, a bathroom with a jacuzzi, a black diamond chandelier and a giant cupboard full of junk food." — Fiona, age 8

Wow. That....sounds like a great room. There were loads of requests for triple bunk beds. I guess having a bed that is out of the ordinary is super appealling, but finding a triple-decker one was hard. Maybe this quadruple bunk bed would satify Fiona? It certainly would be amazing for sleepovers!

Erasable Walls

"I want a bed with a cooling blanket with lots of bulletin boards and cat-related things and erasable walls." — Evander, age 11

OK, let's start with erasable walls. We can do this! Maybe you could even get a magnetic chalkboard wall like this one so that your bulletin board wishes and your write-on walls can become one. As far as the cooling blanket (a genius idea for summertime!) goes, that sounds like it's just waiting for you to invent it, Evander.

A Stage

"I would like my room to be a stage with seats and a couch in the back and animal houses for animals to sleep in." — Beatrice, age 10

The best thing about kids is that they don't just have one interest. They have all the interests. So Beatrice, I really hope a stage like this one would get you what you're dreaming of. Just imagine it with the animal houses and woofs of applause as you play.

A Princess Castle

"A princess castle with a slide into a big pool. And penguins. And a frigerator so I can have waffles and ice cream." — Amelia, age 4

You think this princess castle is what you had in mind, Amelia? No idea if your penguins would like it, but if you promised to share your ice cream and waffles with them, I bet they could be convinced.


"I want my dream bedroom to be the same bedroom I have now but with cats." — Jaimin, age 10

There's always that one sweet little angel who is happy with what they have, and Jaimin, that's you. Because you're such a kind soul, I bet your parents would be thrilled to add a couple of adorable kitties like these to your room.

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