What to Do This Valentine's Day

Whether you take a trip or make breakfast in bed, celebrate for love this Valentine's Day.
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Be Mine?

Leaving sweet notes for your valentine is still as heartwarming as it was in school. On Valentine's Day, it never hurts to let your close friends or cutie know you care.

Fortune Cookie

Treat your valentine(s) with something unexpected. Fortune cookies can be homemade with personalized fortunes. For an extra treat, dip them in chocolate and sprinkle with heart sprinkles.

Singing Telegram

If your love is into music, you could go to a concert. You could also make a mixed CD, go to a bar with live music or even send a singing telegram.

The Way to the Heart

Breakfast in bed, packing a special lunch, going to a nice dinner or eating a delivered pizza with candles — food is a delicious way to the heart.

Take a Trip

If you have the funds to do so, a romantic getaway is waiting for you. You could go somewhere warm and tropical or city hop to your dream destinations. A day at a bed and breakfast might do you good.

Take Care of You

If this holiday is spent alone, treating yourself is a must. Retail therapy ideas include pampering with a mani/pedi, allowing yourself to buy something you've been wanting or purchasing some flowers.

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