The Language of Flowers: Bridal Bouquets With Meaning

Think outside the vase to create a wedding bouquet that conveys a meaningful message.

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The Secret Meaning of Flowers

Did you know that the bridal bouquet traces its roots back to ancient times? The scent of the blooms was thought to protect the married couple by warding off evil spirits, bad luck and ill health. Centuries later, during the Victorian era, flowers began to take on additional significance. Due to strict rules of morality and propriety, lovers would send secret messages to each other using flowers, with each bloom carrying a specific, hidden meaning. Think of it as text messaging, but with plants. Naturally, these meanings were soon adopted for bridal bouquets. Today, a modern bride can easily continue this tradition by choosing meaningful flowers, symbolizing anything from love to prosperity, to add to her bouquet. Here are a few fresh, love-filled combos to carry on your big day.

Pure Elegance

Regal and majestic, the color purple symbolizes dignity, independence, creativity, mystery and magic. A purple bouquet with equally-elegant flowers is perfect for a bride seeking a classic style. The flowers in this bouquet are dendrobium orchid (refinement and beauty), purple hyacinth (please forgive me), anemone (anticipation and expectations) and waxflower (happiness in marriage).

Herbal Splendor

Most of the meanings associated with herbs are attributed to their medicinal properties. Nonetheless, herbs make a wonderful rustic bouquet for a garden-themed wedding. This bouquet includes mint (virtue), sage (wisdom), rosemary (remembrance), marjoram (joy and happiness), chamomile (patience) and bay (glory).

Sweetly Pink

The color pink is associated with sweetness and is considered playful, cute, romantic, charming, feminine and tender. This pretty pink bouquet is a mix of romance and balance: pink calla lilies (purity, holiness and faithfulness), white stephanotis (happiness in marriage and desire to travel), pale pink roses (modesty) and waxflower (happiness in marriage).

Completely Devoted

There are only a handful of true blue flowers in nature. Blue hydrangeas are a product of acidic soil and are hardy shade-loving plants that delight gardeners with their puffy blooms each year. A bouquet of these true-blue blooms symbolizes devotion, trust and faith.

Everlasting Love

Everlasting love and devotion are what every bride hopes for in marriage. To attract these blessings on your big day, consider carrying a hearty bouquet of lavender (devotion), white roses (innocence and purity), stock (lasting bonds of affection), statice (lasting beauty and success) and eucalyptus (healing and protection).

Coral Fascination

This bouquet is a unique combination of flowers and greenery with an exotic coral flair — a hue that symbolizes life, harmony and warmth. The flowers and greenery in this bouquet are a delightful combination of meanings: cotton (luck), dusty miller (happiness and delicacy}, coral roses (fascination), waxflower (happiness in marriage), peony (happy life, happy marriage) and eucalyptus (healing and protection).


Often seen as a common weed, goldenrod flourishes along sunny, grassy edges in late summer. Its color is pure, sunny yellow, which is the symbol of joy and happiness. A simple bouquet of goldenrod is the perfect choice for bridesmaids as it means "careful encouragement."

Pure Love & Admiration

Today, the carnation is often called the "poor man’s rose," but it's actually one the world’s oldest and most esteemed cultivated flowers. Its scientific name dianthus caryophyllus roughly translates to "flower of love." The carnation’s ruffled appearance, clove-like scent and long-lasting blooms are a perfect choice for a no-frills bride seeking simplicity in appearance as well as meaning. In this sweet bouquet, white carnations symbolize sweetness and loveliness, pink carnations mean "I’ll never forget you" and the heather is for admiration.

Match Made in Heaven

While shimmering white might be the color most people associate with the heavens, it's easy to see that bold purple and blue are a match made in heaven. Featured in this bouquet: blue delphinium (heavenly), cornflower (hope in love), veronica (fidelity), allium (utility) and lilac (youthful innocence).

Elegant Love

Nothing exudes elegance like an orchid, especially a cymbidium orchid. Also known as the boat orchid, these lovely blooms symbolize magnificence. Added to this bouquet are graceful tulips (perfect lover) and classic white roses (innocence and purity).


Baby’s breath is a popular filler flower for many types of floral arrangements. Although its main purpose is to add color and texture to a bouquet, baby’s breath can also be used as the star of the show. A full bouquet of baby’s breath is ideal for a bride wishing to convey one simple message: everlasting love.

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