Make Your Own Wedding Garland

Arrange your own wedding garlands using these three simple ideas.

Wedding Garlands

Garlands are a perfect and highly versatile addition to your wedding decor. Use them on your wedding arch, drape them over chairs, hang them on tables or over doors and even on your getaway car! This gallery will give show you how to use the same flower to create 3 different garlands, each with a unique look. We have used a white chrysanthemum for our main flower, however these garlands can be adapted for any kind of flower.

Choose Flowers

Our first bouquet is created with only flowers. We chose green and white chrysanthemums along with pink carnations for a garland that feels soft and feminine.

Begin Garland

Begin by creating a bunch of three flowers. Think about placement — you are trying to create a line of flowers where each helps to cover the stem of the flower in front of it. Your flower stems should be about 3 inches long. Wrap your bundle tightly with floral tape.

Add More Flowers

Continue adding flowers to your garland, wrapping the stems together with floral tape as you go. Arrange the flowers so they can be viewed from any side.

Finished Garland

Continue to add flowers and wrap the stems until your garland is the perfect length for you. Trim extra stem off the final end. With this style of garland a typical bouquet will get you about one foot of garland, so three different bouquets will give you about 3 feet. This will vary depending on how closely you place the flowers and how big your bouquet is, so if you know you need a certain length it is better to buy more than less.

Succulent Garland

For a very different feel replace the carnations with succulents. You can wrap with floral tape in the same manner you wrapped the previous garland but since most succulents don't have long stems you may need to wrap the roots rather than the stem. Clean and dry the roots before wrapping to ensure that the succulents stay secure. Any dirt may interfere with the tape's ability to hold securely.

Ivy Garland Supplies

This final garland is the quickest to make, because the base of the garland is already created for you. For this garland you will need lengths of ivy, your chosen flower, floral tape and floral wire.

Final Succulent Garland

Although this garland repeats the use of chrysanthemums, it has a very different feel overall. The dark color and strong shape of the succulents give this garland a slightly more masculine feel than the previous garland. It is well-suited for evening or indoor weddings.

Creating Garland

Begin by linking your lengths of ivy together. Overlap the different vines about an inch and wrap securely with floral wire. Once your garland of ivy is the right length, begin adding flowers. Lay the stem of the flower against the main vine and wrap with floral tape to secure. Keep adding flowers at regular intervals along the vine until your garland is full of flowers.

Finished Ivy Garland

Your ivy garland is best seen from one side, since your leaves will likely all face one direction. It works beautifully with almost any flower and looks lush and natural if you use a vine packed with leaves. Try using your favorite wedding flower to create the perfect wedding garland. If you choose hardy flowers these can be made a day or two in advance and spritzed with water to keep them fresh.

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