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Make a Fall Leaf Garland

Create a beautiful fall garland using leaves from your backyard.

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Fall Garland

Display a splash of autumn color over your front door, around an arch way or draped across a beautiful bench with your own handmade fall garland. Gather some nearby leaves and in a few hours you will have a garland of beautiful reds and yellows.

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Garland Supplies

To create your fall garland you will need floral tape, floral wire, scissors, wire cutters, a stick to support your centerpiece and lots of colorful leaves. Look for small leaves still attached to their branch, and large single leaves. You may also want some fall items like pinecones, dried berries or dried orange slices.

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Create A Garland Base

Create a base for your garland by connecting the leaf covered branches you gathered. These work best if the branches or stems are still flexible. Overlap the ends of the branches by about 2 inches, and wrap with floral wire to secure.

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Adding Branches

Continue adding branches until your garland reaches the right length. To know how long you need to make it, measure the doorway or entryway you want to hang it over. We suggest making the garland in three pieces at the beginning to make it a bit more manageable. You will need one length that will hang horizontally over the door, and two that will come down each side.

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