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Wedding Craft: Dried Floral Earrings

Incorporate your favorite garden elements into your wedding day celebration with beautiful, handmade earrings.
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Floral Earrings

Earrings are a wedding day necessity, and these handmade floral earrings are a lovely way to add an extra bit of nature’s beauty to your special day. Floral earrings look lovely on the bride, and also make great gifts for bridesmaids, mothers, grandmothers and everyone in between.

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To make your floral earrings you will need dried flowers, flower petals or leaves (we used bougainvillea petals here), earring hooks, jewelry wire, needle nose pliers and wire cutters and a little bit of tissue paper. For the sake of clear photographs in this tutorial we used painted wire, however silver or gold wire is easy to find in the jewelry section of your local craft store.

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Seal the Petal

You will need to begin by sealing your dried petal to strengthen it. You can use Mod Podge, matte medium or gloss medium, all of which can be found in your local arts and crafts store. Coat both sides with two layers of sealant. It should dry clear and give the petal added strength for longevity.

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Strengthen the Back

When the sealant is dry, cut out two circles of tissue paper and use the sealant to glue them to the back end of the petal you will be attaching the earring hook to. This will reinforce the petal so it doesn’t tear off the hook. For the sake of clarity we used contrasting colored tissue paper, if you use a similar colored paper it will virtually disappear. Once dry use a needle to poke holes through the petals and paper where you want your wire to go.

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