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How to Assemble a Wedding Cake

Skip the bakery and learn how to assemble your own gorgeous wedding cake.
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Homemade Wedding Cake

Homemade wedding cake can be a real money saver and adds an impressive personal touch to the big day. Making your own wedding cake is easier than it sounds!

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Bake in Advance

Cake and filling can be made in advance to ease the process. In addition to the ingredients, a piping bag and tips, wooden or plastic dowels, cardboard cake rounds, a lazy Susan and a large, sturdy cake platter will be used to construct your homemade wedding cake.

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Make Icing

Icing should be made fresh when it is time to build your cake. Adjust consistency with milk until a smooth and easily spread texture is reached.

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Bottom layer

Use a dollop of batter to secure a 12” layer of cake to a 12” cardboard round and place on cake platter. Coat top with a layer of filling, leaving ½” uncovered at the outer edge.

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