40 Delicious Drinks to Sip by the Pool

Soak up the warm summer sun with these bright, refreshing cocktail and mocktail recipes — because every hour is happy hour by the pool.

July 24, 2020

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Photo By: Cassidy Garcia; Styling by H. Camille Smith

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Photo By: Cassidy Garcia; Styling by H. Camille Smith

Photo By: Cassidy Garcia

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Photo By: Jason Kisner; Styling by H. Camille Smith ©Copyright Scripps Networks, 2016

Photo By: Sam Henderson

Photo By: Jason Kisner ©Copyright Scripps Networks, 2016

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Pineapple Hibiscus Punch

We’re deeming this boozy beverage "summer in a glass." Sweet pineapple juice and white rum layer with complex flavors like ginger, cilantro and hibiscus tea to pack a tasty punch.

GET THE RECIPE: Pineapple Hibiscus Punch

Honeysuckle Strawberry Slush

Bright, crisp honeysuckle vodka pairs with sweet strawberries in this refreshing grown-up slushie.

Get the Recipe: Tipsy Strawberry + Honeysuckle Slush

Boozy Bourbon + Peach Summertime Smash

Just one sip and you'll agree: Bourbon + peach = a match made in cocktail heaven. Best of all, this not-too-sweet summery sip is a snap to make by macerating the fruit overnight for a perfectly peachy syrup.

Get the Recipe: Boozy Bourbon + Peach Summertime Smash

Sneaky Tequila Cocktail

Not for the faint of heart, this strong tequila and rum cocktail has a smooth taste thanks to the disguising properties of pineapple and cranberry juices.

GET THE RECIPE: Sneaky Tequila

Tipsy Hibiscus + Green Tea Cocktail

Make a splash in a tasty way with a cocktail that is not only full of flavor but also good for you. Because this recipe is relatively low in alcohol, it makes for the perfect day-drinking sip.

GET THE RECIPE: Tipsy Hibiscus + Green Tea Cocktail

Mocktail: Sips for All

A splash of cranberry juice added to orange-flavored sparkling water gives this drink a fun coral hue. Rim each glass with sugar and garnish with an orange wedge to evoke an adult-beverage aesthetic, sans alcohol.

Watermelon Mule

Give your standard mule a summery kick in the glass with the addition of fresh, muddled watermelon.

GET THE RECIPE: Watermelon Moscow Mule Recipe

Tropical Pineapple Agua Fresca

Fruity and refreshing, this cocktail is ready to party. Whip up a big batch so you can kick back and relax while your guests help themselves to a taste of the tropics.

Get the Recipe: Tipsy Tropical Agua Fresca

Ginger Grapefruit Bourbon Sour

Get your pool floats ready! Packed with bright citrus flavors, this summery recipe is ideal for all occasions from parties and showers to just good ole relaxation by the water.

GET THE RECIPE: Big-Batch Cocktails: Ginger Grapefruit Bourbon Sour

Blackberry + Honeysuckle Spritz

Pair juicy, garden-fresh blackberries with sweet honeysuckle vodka for a colorful cocktail that tastes like sweet summertime.

Get the Recipe: Blackberry + Honeysuckle Spritz Recipe

Summery Strawberry Mojito

The warmer months are brimming with fresh fruit. What better way to enjoy them than in a refreshing cocktail? Delicious strawberries and tart lemons lend a sweet summertime twist to the classic mojito.

GET THE RECIPE: Strawberry Mojito Recipe

Big-Batch Honeysuckle Mimosas

Skip the beer and serve this honeysuckle mimosa at your next brunch and swim. You know you're going to have more than one, so why not make a whole pitcher of this flowery summer sip?

Get the Recipe: Summery Honeysuckle Mimosas for a Crowd

Refreshing Rosemary Greyhound

Sweet and savory, this take on a greyhound is the perfect go-to for poolside sipping. We'll definitely cheers to this complex-yet-compelling cocktail!

GET THE RECIPE: Try This Refreshing Rosemary Greyhound Cocktail Recipe

Boozy Berry Patch Lemonade

Cool down this summer with a cold sip of lemonade — boozy lemonade, that is. Fresh blackberries and strawberries combine with tart lemonade and warm whiskey for a crowd-pleasing, big-batch sip.

Get The Recipe: Big-Batch Cocktail: Boozy Berry Patch Lemonade

Orange Creamsicle Float

This smooth, creamy drink tastes like you've just chased down the ice cream truck — without ever leaving your beach towel.

GET THE RECIPE: This Boozy Float Is the Best Creamsicle You've Ever Had

Mocktail: Raspberry Lemon Cooler

Looking for a mocktail that tastes as refreshing as a cocktail? Fresh raspberries add a sweet fruitiness while non-alcoholic ginger beer creates an unexpected spiciness in this aesthetically pleasing drink.

GET THE RECIPE: Spicy Raspberry Lemon Cooler Recipe

Coconut Lime Vodka Soda

For your next poolside party, consider a big-batch cocktail recipe to make hosting duties a breeze. A standard vodka soda gets an oh-so-sippable, tropical twist with the addition of bright flavors such as coconut, lime and pineapple.

GET THE RECIPE: Big-Batch Summer Cocktail: Lime in the Coconut

Tropical Pineapple Freak-tail

Take your summer sips to the next level with a piled-high masterpiece reminiscent of the iconic fruit-wearing showgirl, Carmen Miranda. Equal parts pretty and delicious, this tropical freak-tail is so Instagram-worthy it hurts.

Get the Recipe: How to Make a Tropical Pineapple Freak-tail

Mocktail: Cantaloupe Ginger Spritzer

You just can’t go wrong with a zingy, flavorful spritzer. Incorporate unexpected flavors like cantaloupe and ginger for a conversation-starting sip to enjoy all summer long.

GET THE RECIPE: Cantaloupe-Ginger Spritzer

No-Blend Piña Colada

Enjoy all the summery, tropical flavors of a pina colada without the hassle of a blender. This boozy concoction combines pineapple soda with coconut ice cream for a grown-up float that's nothing short of paradise.

GET THE RECIPE: This Pina Colada Float Is (Almost) Better Than a Tropical Vacation

Cardamom Berry Smash

Get ready for total relaxation with this chilled cocktail in hand. The deep flavor of fresh blackberries melds with the exotic spice of cardamom syrup and citrusy botanicals of gin to create a refreshing reprieve from the summer heat.

GET THE RECIPE: Cardamom Berry Smash Recipe

Frosé All Day

You can't go wrong with this easy, breezy grownup slushy. Pour one bottle of Croft Pink into ice cube trays. When frozen, combine with half as much regular ice in a blender and blend until smooth. Boom, Insta-worthy poolside sips.

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Boozy Juice Pouches

Adult juice pouches? Say no more. Perfect for no-glass pools and beaches, this lunchtime staple gets a boozy boost with a little bit of alcohol and a whole lot of fun.

MAKE IT: These Boozy Juice Pouches Are a Beach Game Changer

Mocktail: Virgin Grapefruit Mojito

Pink grapefruit, sweet agave and fresh mint are muddled together and topped with flavored soda to create the same great taste of a mojito, just without the alcohol.

Get The Recipe: Virgin Grapefruit Mojito Recipe

Red, White + Blue Sangria

Feeling patriotic? Break out the fireworks and whip up this deliciously festive red, white and blue sangria.

GET THE RECIPE: Red, White and Blue Sangria Recipe

Key Lime Pie Float

Key lime pie is good. Key lime pie with rum and ice cream that you can sip on the patio? Now, that’s a completely different, delicious story.

GET THE RECIPE: Key Lime Pie, In Boozy Float Form

Spicy Mango Margarita

This delicious blend of mango, jalapeno and tequila is a fiesta in margarita form.

GET THE RECIPE: HGTV Happy Hour: Sip on a Frozen Spicy Mango Margarita

Frozen Hurricane Cocktail

This frozen Louisiana favorite tastes just as good by the pool as it does on Bourbon Street.

GET THE RECIPE: Frozen Hurricane Cocktail Recipe

Coastal Citrus Punch

This summer sangria makes enough for a crowd, so you won’t be playing bartender all day. Mix up the day before your party, chill and serve on ice with extra fruit.

GET THE RECIPE: Coastal Citrus Punch

Smashed Cherry Mule

This sweet, pretty drink takes full advantage of fresh summer cherries by blending them into a classic Moscow mule.

GET THE RECIPE + MORE: 8 Cocktails Every Moscow Mule Lover Needs to Try

Mai Tai

The name Mai Tai actually translates to "out of this world" in Tahitian, and that’s exactly what it is. But to enjoy this tasty concoction, all you really need to know is which dark and light rums you prefer.

GET THE RECIPE: Trader Vic's Original Mai Tai Cocktail Recipe

Black & Blue Mint Mojito

Brightening up a classic cocktail for summer is as easy as incorporating juicy fresh fruit and aromatic herbs.

GET THE RECIPE: Black and Blue Mint Mojito Recipe

Grapefruit Gin & Tonic

Beat the heat with a crowd-pleasing batch of this summery take on a classic. Full of fresh and bright flavors, this poolside sip is sure to become a quick favorite.

GET THE RECIPE: Grapefruit Gin and Tonic Recipe for Easy Entertaining

Festive Pink Flamingo

Feel like you've been transported to the tropics with this fun-in-the-sun, pink flamingo cocktail. Feeling extra? Garnish the glasses with fresh fruit slices and a playful umbrella.

GET THE RECIPE: Pink Flamingo Cocktail Recipe

Mocktail: Luxurious Lavender Lemonade

Get those lemonade stands ready! A luxurious twist on a classic, this refreshing lemonade recipe features fresh lavender for a unique flavor.

GET THE RECIPE: How to Make a Lavender-Lemonade Stand

Watermelon Margarita

Like its name promises, this fruity cocktail will leave you feeling refreshed and mellow as a melon.

GET THE RECIPE + MORE: Winning Watermelon Recipes

If You Like Piña Coladas...

...try these three pool party-worthy variations from top bartenders around the country.

Get the Recipes: If You Like Piña Coladas...Try These Twists on the Classic

Sol de Flare Cocktail

Some like it hot! Spice up your pool fiesta with this refreshing cocktail made with pepper-infused tequila.

GET THE RECIPE: Sol de Flare Cocktail Recipe

Pineapple Gin Punch

Forget your worries as you lay by the pool, sippin' on gin and juice. GET THE RECIPE

Orange Derby Cocktail

Afternoon tea, anyone? This iced sip combines orange spice tea and orange juice with splashes of cranberry juice and lemon-lime soda for a refreshing mid-day siesta.

GET THE RECIPE: Danni's Orange Derby Cocktail

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