DIY Wedding: Floral Hair Accessories

Fresh flowers are the perfect touch to wedding day hairstyles for brides, bridesmaids and flower girls.

Fresh Flowers in Your Hair

Flowers are one of the best accessories any day of the year, but weddings are the perfect excuse to add some of nature’s stunning beauty to your hair. This gallery will show you the basics of creating hair accessories for brides, bridesmaids and flower girls.


To create your floral hair combs you will need a basic hair comb in a size appropriate to the weight and size of the flower, as well as the weight of your hair. If you have thin hair you may want to use a smaller comb and lighter, smaller flowers. If you have thick hair you can use a larger comb with more flowers. You’ll also need floral wire and wire cutters, and you may want to use floral tape. And of course you’ll need flowers!

Secure the Wire

Begin by securing the wire to the hair comb. Use pliers to tuck the sharp, cut end of the wire under itself, and be sure to place the cut ends on the top of the comb so they don’t scratch your head.

Add your Leaves

Continue by attaching your base elements to the comb, usually some sort of greenery. We used fern leaves. Wrap the wire around the comb and the leaf, in between the teeth of the comb.

Layer Plants

Continue adding elements by wrapping the wire, but be conscious of wire placement. You want it to show as little as possible, so try to hide it under extra leaves.

Keep your Flowers Fresh

It’s best to make these combs the day they will be worn. If you must make them the day before, place the finished hair accessory in a cool place (or florist's fridge if you have access to one!) and mist with water or flower keeper as needed. Be sure to do a test run before the wedding to be sure that your chosen plants are hardy enough to last overnight.

Finishing Touches

Continue adding elements and wrapping the wire until your arrangement looks good to you. We added a hibiscus flower and attached it by hiding its stem under the leaves. This way the flower covers any exposed wire on the leaves and the leaves cover the wire that attaches the flower. Press the wire flat against the back of the comb with your fingers so nothing will scratch your scalp or get tangled in your hair.

Succulent Greenery

Flowers don’t have to be the centerpiece of your hair accessories, some beautiful greenery can make just as strong a statement. These unique succulent trimmings are the main attraction on this comb, and the delicate purple flowers create the perfect contrasting accent. This is also a good option if you know you need to make your combs the day before. Succulents tend to be very hardy.

A Single Rose

You don’t have to get complicated with your floral hair arrangements. Sometimes simple is best. This comb uses a single rose to make a clean, striking statement.

Cascade of Flowers

Consider how your comb will be worn when arranging your flowers. Sometimes a centered composition will be most appealing, while at other times it may be best to set your flowers off center. Try arranging a grouping of large flowers at one end of the comb, and fill the rest of it with small flowers. This works especially well with the comb placed vertically along a twist of hair. When the large flowers are placed at the top, the small flowers seem to cascade down the side.

Bobby Pin Arrangements

A single flower attached to a bobby pin can be a great choice for flower girls who may be distracted from the task at hand with a heavier comb loaded with flowers.

Matching Arrangements

Matching hair combs can be lovely wedding accessories, especially for mothers and daughters, sisters or close friends. These were made by twisting ornamental grass into small circles and then attached to the comb with floral wire. Bunches of tiny wildflower blooms were used to cover the base of the wire.

Floral Crown

The twisted circles in this comb create the illusion of a crown when worn on top of the head, and the subtlety works well alone or with a veil attached. Adjust these basic ideas to include your wedding flowers in your own hairpiece, and enjoy wearing a bit of your garden in your hair on your special day.

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