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Create a Personalized Floral Cake Topper

Follow these easy steps to create a stunning topper for your wedding cake and a keepsake that will last long past your wedding day.

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Wedding Day Keepsake

Flowers are almost certainly a huge part of your wedding day, but it is usually difficult if not impossible to keep wedding plants long term. This arrangement of paper flowers makes a beautiful cake topper and it will last for years. Use your personal mix of colors and flowers with the instructions in this gallery to create a unique cake topper for your wedding day.

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Paint your Paper

To create your cake topper you'll need to begin by painting tissue paper using your chosen colors. We recommend using at least three colors for each color flower you want. If you want a blue flower, try using a bright blue, baby blue and white. Don't mix them up too well, you want to be able to see the different colors on the paper. Don't use water with your paint, it will make the tissue paper too damp and cause it to tear. Paint gently and lift the paper occasionally to make sure it isn't sticking to the surface underneath it.

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Create your Centerpiece Flower

These layered flowers were inspired by roses and peonies. Begin by cutting teardrop shaped petals in your chosen color. How many and how large your petals should be will depend on how big you want your final rose to be. For a large one try 5 different sizes with about 7 petals in each size.

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Begin Gluing

Begin creating your flower by gluing your smallest petals together in a half circle. Glue them just at the base so that the petals have freedom to move away from each other at the top. When your half circle is created, bend it into a cone shape and glue. Give the point of the cone a little twist to secure the petals together. This will be the center of your flower and the base all other petals will be glued on.

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