Calling All Apple Pie Lovers! 25+ Ways to Celebrate America's Favorite Dessert

Celebrate your love of all things apple pie with our favorite ooey-gooey recipes, sweet gift ideas, travel tips and more.

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Classic Apple Pie

Warm, gooey apple pie is the go-to dessert everyone knows and loves. Whether you’re serving deep dish, double crust, lattice-top or Dutch crumb, it’s tough to beat this American classic. This year, up your pie game by trying some new twists on a family favorite, or simply serve up the original, a la Mode. Get our from-scratch recipe below.

MAKE IT: Apple Pie Recipe

Cheddar-Topped Apple Pie Sundae

Go from simple ice cream to spectacular sundae in just a few steps. Transform plain vanilla with apple pie filling and top with crispy cheddar pie crust shards for a delightful dessert.

MAKE IT: Cheddar-Topped Apple Pie Sundae Recipe

Apple Slab Pie

This easy recipe is the perfect way for non-pie makers to make a great looking pie without spending all day in the kitchen. The beauty of these types of pies is that they are adaptable to almost any type of filling: pumpkin, berries, apples, etc. And, it’s perfectly fine (i.e. encouraged) to use a store-bought crust.

MAKE IT: Apple Slab Crumb Pie Recipe

Homemade Buttery Pie Crust

If you're feeling ambitious, just a few ingredients and a little knowledge is all it takes to reach pie crust nirvana. Try this basic buttery pie crust for your next from-scratch apple pie.

MAKE IT: Basic Buttery Pie Crust Recipe

Apple Pie in a Jar

Throwing a party? Send guests home with their very own handheld apple pie-in-a-jar — a sweet treat they'll be sure to remember.

MAKE IT: How to Make Pie-in-a-Jar Party Favors

Appleberry Pie Cocktail

If you're a lover of berries, this is the cocktail for you. It combines raspberries, blueberries and blackberries for a fruity, summery sip.

MAKE IT: Appleberry Pie Cocktail

Apple Pie Dip

Turn orchard-fresh apples into a lip-smacking dip perfect for your next al fresco gathering.

MAKE IT: How To Make Apple Pie Dip

The Apple of Your Pie

Ever wondered which type of apple tastes best in a pie? Check out our list of the best varieties for cooking and baking.

LEARN MORE: The 11 Best Apples for Cooking and Baking

Apple Ginger Pie Cocktail

Ginger and Cachaca, a Brazilian liquor, add an unexpected twist to this pie-inspired drink.

MAKE IT: 5 Pie-Inspired Cocktails Perfect for Thanksgiving

Dutch Apple Pie

An abbreviation for "Pennsylvania Dutch" apple pie, this classic style forgoes the top crust or lattice found on typical apple pies. Instead, a simple streusel of flour, brown sugar and butter is sprinkled over the sweet apple filling before baking. The result is a sweet, crunchy and crumbly topping that adds tantalizing texture.

MAKE IT: Dutch Apple Pie Recipe

Apple Pie Party Favors

Ideal for a casual dinner party, small wedding or baby shower, these miniature pies will capture the hearts and tummies of all your guests.

MAKE IT: How to Make Miniature Pie Party Favors

Caramel Apple Pie Cocktail

Smooth, decadent and topped with a graham cracker crust rim, this chilled sip can be enjoyed year-round by the pool, campfire or cozied up with a good book.

MAKE IT: Caramel Apple Pie Cocktail

Healthy Apple Pie Snacks for Kids

"Baking" an apple pie just got much easier when you make these adorable graham cracker apple pie stackers. Smear plain or vanilla Greek yogurt on top of a graham cracker square, then add chopped Granny Smith apples, a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

MORE IDEAS: 11 Kid-Friendly Snack Hacks That Make Healthy Eating Fun

Apple Pie Filling in a Jar

Preserve fall flavors and impress your friends and family with this canned apple pie filling that gets an extra kick from spiced rum.

MAKE IT: Canning 101: Spiced Apple Pie Filling Recipe

Apple Pie Oatmeal Cookies

Soft, chewy and oh-so-delicious, these calorie-conscious cookies from Amy's Healthy Baking will satisfy your sweet tooth without busting your buttons. Get the Recipe.

Fried Lunchbox Hand Pies

These delicious, handheld fried pies are a longtime favorite with kids and adults alike as the best part of a lovingly packed lunch.

MAKE IT: Make Lunchbox Apple Pie

Go Apple Picking

Whip up a pie that tastes like it came straight from the orchard — because it did. Snag our top tips for a day of good old-fashioned apple picking.

MAKE IT: Apple Picking 101: 12 Tips for Fall Orchard Visits

Make a Cookie-Cutter Pie Crust

Dress up your crust with a fancy "how did they do that" design.

MAKE IT: Make a Cookie-Cutter Pie Crust

Warm Apple Pie Cocktail

Like your apple pie warm? This great holiday cocktail uses Tuaca, a delicious Italian liqueur made with citrus peels, spice and vanilla.

MAKE IT: Warm Apple Pie Cocktail

Stovetop Apple Pie Home Scent

Guests coming? Fill your home with the scent of warm apple pie — without all the baking. Snag our recipe for toxin-free air freshener you can make on the stove.

MAKE IT: Apple Pie Scent

Fake Your Pie

Add good old American flair to your favorite cake recipe with an apple pie presentation. Slice apples and fan each slice out along the top of a pre-made coffee cake. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, add a grouping of blueberries in the center, then drizzle with icing in a lattice design. Apple pie in no time!

Campfire Apple Pie

Forget the marshmallows and chocolate and kick up your camping menu with personal apple pies you can make in a pie iron.

MAKE IT: Make a Personal Apple Pie in a Pie Iron

Apple Amber Pie

Apple amber is an Irish dessert of pureed apples topped with sweet, airy meringue.

MAKE IT: Apple Amber: A Classic St. Paddy's Recipe

Baked Pie Pops

The perfect summer party dessert, these bite-sized treats are as sweet as they are adorable.

MAKE IT: Pie Pops Recipe

Will Travel for Pie

You can find the perfect pie at Four & Twenty Blackbirds, a creative pie shop that turns out a flawless all-butter crust. The seasonal fillings really make the pies; try the rhubarb crumble, birch beer float or the year-round salted caramel apple. They’re also available at the Brooklyn Public Library and all 3 locations of Shake Shack in Brooklyn.

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Apple Lover's Cookbook

For true apple pie fanatics, Amy Traverson's mouth-watering collection is a treasure trove of all things buttery, baked, sliced, grilled and pureed.

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