9 Pretty Garden-Themed Place Cards

Welcome your guests with unique place cards inspired by your own garden or yard.

Walnut Place Cards

There are many opportunities to include your garden in wedding decorations, and one detail that shouldn't be overlooked is place cards. Beautiful place cards are a small touch that can really make an impact. These walnut shell place card holders are made by dipping the bottom half in paint that matches the wedding colors. Use a small saw to cut a slit across the top and place the name cards in for a beautiful display.

Dipped Objects

Nuts aren't the only objects you can dip for beautiful name holders. Try using sycamore, chestnut or sweetgum balls instead. Dip one half in paint and let dry. Depending on the items you are using you can either cut a place for the name cards, or just slide them into natural crevices.

Roots and Branches

Need something a little taller for you place cards? Experiment with roots, twigs and branches. Cut them as tall as you like — they can look beautiful dipped or all natural. If you have trouble keeping them upright, place a small piece of sticky tack or clay at one end and press to the table. (Choose one that is oil free if you are worried about damage to a wood table.)


For a quick but lovely place card holder, use pinecones to hold your guest's name in place. An elegant script creates an engaging contrast against the roughness of the cone and helps to make a simple project look more sophisticated.

Color Block

Want something a little more colorful than pinecones? Create these color block place cards with a little bit of paint, tape and your favorite flowers. Use your wedding colors to paint a smooth block of color on your place cards and attach your flowers with a piece of colored tape. White tape creates a nice contrast in these place cards, but experiment with different colors for a bolder look.


Cut your words into strips that are short enough to fit on your place card, but long enough to hold your chosen plant securely. Arrange your plant on the card and spread a thin layer of glue across the back of your strip of paper. Place across the plant and press securely to the paper on either side.

Poems and Plants

Incorporate your love of words with live or dried plants in your place cards by using your favorite quotes instead of tape to secure the flowers to the place cards. Find an old book of love poems or print your chosen words yourself.

Seed Packet Place Cards

Want to combine a take home gift with your place cards? Create seed packet place cards. Write the wedding date and your guests' names on small envelopes and fill with your favorite seeds. Add an illustration or a few words to let your guest know what's inside and include any special planting instructions on the back or an insert.

Carved Names

Want your place cards to have a unique, rustic feel? Use branches instead of paper by carving your guests' names into the wood. Your branches must be completely dry before carving—if you carve into branches that are still green, the exposed wood will darken and the names will be too hard to see.

Painted Twigs

If you like the idea of carving but want a more sophisticated feel, add a little bit of paint to your carved branch. Small flowers and leaves add color and life to this twig, creating a beautiful place card. If you don't feel comfortable with carving, you can achieve a similar look by painting your guest's name on the surface of the twig. This place card is sure to be one your guests will enjoy so much they won't want to leave it behind!

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