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10 DIY Garden-Themed Place Settings

Create stunning garden themed place settings for your perfect wedding reception or party.

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Garden at the Table

Beautiful place settings can be found in infinite varieties, but the most beautiful almost always include elements of nature. This gallery will give you ideas on incorporating flowers, fruit and more into your wedding reception place settings.

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Balls of Flowers

Create interesting centerpieces by arranging flower domes on your table. Use shallow bowls, saucers and wide mugs as a base. Add a little water and arrange your first layer of flowers with the blooms just hanging over the edge and the stems in the center. Add the second layer, bringing them slightly inwards and letting them rest on the first. Continue building your flower dome until you can place the final flower in the top center hole.

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Mossy Twigs

The most important aspect of beautiful decor is consistency. For this decor idea we used carnations, mossy twigs and white tulle in our place setting, centerpiece and chair decor to tie everything together. Mossy branches are uniquely beautiful when placed with a variety of flowers and can be found in many interesting shapes and colors.

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Napkin Bouquet

Add miniature bouquets to each place setting by using your guest's glass and napkin. Begin by creating a small bouquet of flowers and tying the stems together. Place the napkin in the glass by pushing the center of the napkin to the bottom of the glass, letting the edges fan out of the top. Nestle your tiny bouquet in the folds of the napkin and add the glass to your place setting.

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