Real People, Real Tips: Our Readers' Best Cleaning Hacks

Try these IRL-tested tips and hacks to clean your home as quickly as possible (or at least just fake it).

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November 25, 2014

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Robots to the Rescue

We're totally on boarad with this tip from Instagram user @samantha_coates, "[I] let the Roomba vacuum while I clean so I can mop right away."

Dust Buster

Instagram user @angelrjordan uses "dryer sheets for dusting [her] blinds."

Actually, that's just one of many things dryer sheets are good for!

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Turn Up the Tunes

Lots of fans suggested playing music or listening to a podcast to stay motivated (or distracted?) while cleaning. We suggest channeling Instagram user @leighann_69's energy who says, "I put on some music and wear my crown; that's when they know I mean business."

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Involve Your Kids

"I give my 2-year-old a baby wipe to clean baseboards. She loves to help!", says Instagram user @mrandmrsbragg2009. Another fan, @mrsalliee, suggested a similar technique, "I bought a handheld vacuum for my toddler. Keeps her occupied and the house clean."

Instilling good cleaning habits at a young age is never a bad idea.

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Rethink Your Rags

"Hack: I use automotive rags to wipe up. Absorbs anything quickly & doesn't leak," says Instagram user @linmccOnne11.

We concur; shop rags can clean just about anything around the house - dust, spills, stains, you name it.

Consistency Is Key

"Pick up after yourself all day. Make it a habit and you won't be left with a huge mess later!", suggests Instagram user @haleynicolemitchell.

Speaking from personal experience, this hack works like a charm.

Plan of Attack

Some readers swear by chore lists, like Instagram user @rentaltherapist who says, "I actually write down 'a cleaning plan' and clean rooms/areas of my apartment in a list." A clear vision helps you stay motivated. Just follow @stephgray08's advice, who says, "I don't try to do it all at once! Set goals, easier to meet and not give up."

Clever Caddy

"My life hack around the house is my 'cleaning bag'! I have all my cleaning supplies ready in seconds. Comes in handy in a two-story house", said Facebook fan, Russal Jennifer Lucas Golding.

TBH, we're fans of anything that cuts down on multiple trips to the storage closet.

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Spin Cycles

"Do at least 1 load of laundry every day; saves me from spending an entire day (or weekend) catching up on a week's worth of dirty clothes for a household of 4", Facebook fan Sandra Cordova said.

It's like they say, one load a day keeps the stress away.

From: Traci Zeller

Ready, Set, Go

"Set a cleaning timer. 10 minutes in each room. No more, no less. Do not leave or stray. It's amazing what you can accomplish when focused and racing the clock!", Facebook fan Monica McBride Parent suggested. So, so many of our fans suggested this timer method.

We're definitely trying this next time!

Lemony Fresh

"After I scrub down the shower walls, I polish them with lemon oil. It shines them up, and repels water & soap scum to make future cleaning much easier & less frequent," said Facebook fan, Susan Miller.

We bet it smells nice too!👃🍋

When in Doubt, Try Vinegar

"Vinegar. It cuts through everything [...]", said Facebook fan, Shelia Tirro-George. Instagram user, @irene.i.marquis concurs, suggesting a "vinegar rinse [for] your sponge [-] no odors!"

Just don't forget to add some nice essential oil drops (like eucalyptus or orange) to dilute the strong vinegar smell.

Nail It

"Nail polish remover will take permanent marker off of plastic and a white board marker will take it off of white boards (in case you use the wrong pen)", says Facebook fan Jennifer Custard Armes

Guess permanent markers aren't so "permanent" after all!

Air Out Your Automobile

"When your car needs [to be cleaned], I use the leaf blower. Works great!", says Facebook fan Shelly Best-Gorsett.

See ya never, car wash vacuum!

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See Spots Run

"Hydrogen peroxide on blood. Pour straight on to the blood and it will literally lift the blood off", says Facebook fan Christine Simonette.

This is the tip you never knew you needed (until you need it.)

Shower Power

"I keep a squeegee in the shower to quickly and easily clean shower doors", says Facebook fan Kim Hoskins. Other Instagram followers, like @asparagus95, suggest "clean[ing] the shower while you're IN the shower."

Dishwasher Tricks

Use the dishwasher for more than dishes. When it isn't quite full, fill it the rest of the way with things like stove burners, vases, candlesticks and even children's plastic toys contained in a mesh bag.

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If All Else Fails, Get Help

Instagram user @operagirl0206 captured a majority of our fans' sentiments about cleaning when she said, "[hire] a housekeeper to do it." It seems the easiest way to fake a clean home is just to get someone else to do the dirty work. To which we say, OK, fair enough.🤷‍♀️

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