Chic Storage Solutions

Organization can be beautiful with these simple ideas from Pure Design's Samantha Pynn.
By: Leslie Judson

File Under 'S' for Style

Office furniture looks a lot less utilitarian and more designer-chic with beautiful wallpaper. Cover the sides and back with the paper using contact cement.

See-Through Storage

A cabinet with glass doors is a great alternative to a bookshelf. Doors keep dust at bay, and the transparency promotes neatness. Give an old cabinet new life (or jazz up an inexpensive new one) with wallpaper. Just apply the paper to the back of the cabinet. So easy, so chic.

This Is Our Cup of Tea

What a great idea for storing jewelry! Fill a drawer with pretty teacups and saucers, then place your most-used pieces inside. Enjoy and appreciate your beautiful treasures with each open of the drawer.

Try to Contain Yourself

How do you make pens, pencils, scissors, paper clips and other desk supplies look chic? Store them in beautiful containers. These hand-sculpted ceramic crocks make for functional works of art.

Modern Convenience

Consider concealing technology and wires even in a modern space. Any decorative box will work. Just cut a hole for wires and display near an outlet.

Child's Play

Besides being a charming, valuable and functional addition to any room, window seats are ideal for storing children's toys. Build drawers deep to maximize the space.

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